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Cummings pleas with Nimbaians

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, has pleaded with citizens of Nimba County to help him replace President George Weah comes October 10.

Cummings said Nimba County is critical and strategic to achieving his ultimate objective of becoming the next President of Liberia.

The CPP Standard Bearer, who hails from Maryland County, also traced his origin in Nimba, a County, he said he cherishes for its industrial capacity and significant contributions to national development.

Cummings made the statement when he met a cross-section of citizens from Zoegeh of District #7, and a blend of disenchanted opposition partisans in Tappita, Nimba County.

Cummings, accompanied by a high-power CPP delegation, is on a tour of several towns and cities rallying more support and urging citizens to register and vote to make Mr. Weah one term President.

The National Elections Commission has announced that Voters Registrations will kick off March 20.

Since the arrival of the CPP Standard Bearer and delegation, they have visited Sokopa, Gbahn, Ganta, Saclepea, Zoulay, Tappiata and Gbi Camp One Township, holding townhall meetings, and having consultations with citizens and key political actors in Nimba County.

These meetings afforded citizens the opportunity to fully engage the CPP Standard Bearer and delegation on policy and national issues, marital status and to really get to know who Cummings is and his vision to make a difference as President of Liberia.

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He told citizens of Nimba that the ultimate objective of being President is to change the direction of Liberia, make it a better and prosperous nation for all Liberians.

Cummings made reference to Nimba, a county with enormous wealth and resources, being deprived of its legitimate U$7 million as demanded by County officials from the Central government.

The CPP Standard Bearer assured that a Cummings administration will commit to transparent and fair revenue sharing, ensuring that counties are not deprived of legitimate revenues badly needed to provide basic essential social services for rural inhabitants.

He said a CPP administration will prioritize fixing major infrastructures, including roads, provision of reliable electricity, better health care, better educational system, and most importantly, resuscitation of the ailing economy for massive job creation.

Cummings said a CPP Government will embrace all Liberians irrespective of political, tribal or religious affiliations and gender while ensuring equal rights and access to economic opportunities.

He described rumours being amplified by pro-government and opposition supporters, as false, mere propaganda, and attempts to smear his marital status and demonize him.

Cummings has been married for over 40 years to Teresa Cummings and has two children and several grandchildren.

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