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Special Feature

Death-Silence of Harry Greaves:Who are the Beneficiaries?

Recently, we wrote, elsewhere, about the on-going of high crimes and mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths of high-profiled personalities, including the home-going of the Honorable Harry A. Greaves, Jr. to the great beyond.

Not only the confusions and apparent contradiction regarding the government-sponsored, US Pathologists’ report versus that of Liberia’s JFK Memorial Hospital’s, but also, the venom of the Conspiracy Theories making the rounds in the jucy, gossip grape-vineabout the Death-Silence beneficiary(ies) of the death of Mr. Harry Greaves, Jr.

Just who are these people who benefit immensely because Mr. Greaves, the “insider, knows it all” is “conveniently” dead or murdered and cannot “tell it like it is” to embarrass or, even, send them to jail? Also making the roundsis the report that Mr. Greaves was former, founding executive (Treasurer) of the Association for Constitutional Democracy in Liberia (ACDL), former high-profiled, political activist, confidante of Liberian Presidents and the wheeling-dealing, socio-economic and politically-connected Insider, also, of high-profiled Notables on the Liberian, socio-political scene. In other words, that Mr. Harry Greaves, Jr. knew a great deal more about many high-profiled personalities than good it is good for his health – about who, what, where, when, how and wherefore.

But, Harry Greaves, Jr. lived a regular life of a human being. According to the internet online records and press reports, Mr. Greaves earned the respect, honor, appreciation and friendship of many, including highly-important personalities in all walks of life, while he was regarded by others, also, including highly-important personalities in all walks of life, who regarded him as being deeply involved in graft, greed and dishonest, with many shady deals-making, especially, while serving as managing director of the LPRC.

But the LPRC and local episodes matter not much nor will they constitute the legacy by which the High & Mighty will remember Mr. Harry Greaves, Jr. Rather, what matters most has come to be the involvement of Mr. Greaves, Jr. in the Deadly, Political Play with a Cast of Characters which included the “cream of the crop” of Liberia’s high-profiled, political Players.

Rather that which Matters Most Firstly, has come to be Mr. Greaves’ involvement in the deadly, political play of the NPFL invasion of Liberia and resulting civil war with wanton destruction and death; and that the other was or isthe Honorable Tom Woewiyu’s eloquent, blow-by-blow description of the ACDL’s involvement, with names (including Mr. Greaves, Jr’s), dates and places.

For example, Like the Honorable Tom Woewiyu, recently arrested and charged for Perjury by US authorities (allegedly lying in application for US citizenship), the Honorable Harry Greaves, Jr. was a topInsiderwho knows a great deal of it all, with the High and Mighty of the Liberian Political Kingdom.

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Secondly, in his second, now famous letter entitled, You pull Rope, rope pull Bush, written from detention to the Liberian Ambassador accredited to the USA, Honorable Woewiyu threatened, in effect, to “tell it all”, if left alone to be put on trial in a US Court. It is important for these beneficiaries to watch out because Mr. Woewiyuis still “the loose canon”,likey to “sing” in open court in an effort to save his skin, lessen his prison term, and implicate leading, Liberian politicians to prison with him.

To Harry A. Greaves’ credit, in our view, went the courage and “guts” for change, to turn against wrong-doing (?) directed against and at the expense of the people and nation. None-violent activism, motivated and postulated on principled dedication/commitment in opposition to political tyranny is not same as “leave the ‘quee’ people thing alone”, our outdated, no longer-valid, traditional approach in the villages, due to ignorance, poverty, powerlessness and hopelessness, with resignation to whatever obtained.

But, today’s “Leave it to God” approach,a lathe Right Reverend Victor Moses King’s sermon at the funeral service of Mr.Harry Greaves, Jr., the political activist, takes us back to the villages, but will not redeem Liberia. The Gospel, itself, says that “God helps those who help themselves”. Moreover, it is said that the pen and its written word are mightier than the sword.


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