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Deeper Life Ministry donates LD130, 000 to Ebola Survivors

Deeper Life Christian Ministries of Liberia has donated 130,000 Liberian Dollars to a local non-governmental organization, Survivors Aid International or SAIL, in Monrovia.

Marking the donation Tuesday, this week, the Pastor-In-Charge of the Deeper Life Christian International, Rev. Israel N’Wachuku, said the Ebola outbreak in Liberia has left in its deadly path vulnerable orphans, who are the future of the country, saying, “What can we do as a Church to fundamentally change the arc of the negative history of Ebola virus and re-secure our nation’s future from the hands of the killers disease”.

Pastor N’Wachuku said, in spite of their misfortune, the Church still believes that God has a purpose for each and every one of those orphans, and if they are to fulfill their God-given destinies, the Church cannot afford to sit passively and do nothing, but to help them in practical ways to have their destinies achieved.

He said the Church has constantly been reminded by the scars that the disease has left on the nation and its people, especially young and promising children of the victims of the disease.

The Deeper life prelate also told reporters that the Church is grateful to God for the progress made by the Government of Liberia and its partners, as well as other Churches through earnest prayers made in the fight against the common enemy, Ebola virus, saying, “The Church still believes it should go further to re-secure the future of our nation by educating these orphans. 

According to him, the Church came in with the donation as a request from the local NGO survivors Aid to assist some Ebola orphans that were left behind with tuition problem, something which he said prompted the Church to immediately organize her social responsibility to these children without any form of delay.

He noted that the Deeper Life Christian Ministry has various aims used as channel to meet the spiritual, moral, and physical needs of different groups of people in the country.

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The Pastor said one of the aims of the ministry is the Deeper Life School Outreach, which is dedicated to the welfare of youths in countries where the Church has branches.

He said the ministries has been concern about the effects and impacts of the deadly outbreak on the Mano River Union countries, which include Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, and has shown empathy for the people of these countries by publicly praying for victims and declaring healing for them.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director for the Survivors International, John Fully, has commended the Deeper Life Ministry for the gesture.

He said the action by the Church is a manifestation that Liberians are well concerned about children made orphans by the Ebola Virus, promising to work with other local NGOs to create awareness for Ebola orphans to be well sponsored.

By Lewis S. Teh

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