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The Backdrop

a) The prevailing economic condition of national paralysis of fiscal and monetary policies and double-digit price inflation rate;

b) The massive corruption and stealing of public resources in the billionsof US and Liberian dollars with impunity;

c) The Nation’s banking sector, particularly, the foreign exchange market is dominated and controlled by Fula and Supermarket Foreign exchange bureau, while the nation’s economy suffers the burden of money laundering by theFula, Indians and Lebanese in collusion with high-profiled Liberians.No wonder that Liberia’s economy just crumbled.

d) The average Liberian business – of Liberian market men and women – finds it very difficult to survive; the average citizens are not able to put food on the family tables, send their children to school and to provide a “joyous” Christmas Holiday season;

e) Civil service and related workers decided on a peaceful protest march in December to highlight their concerns but the Minister of Justice/Attorney-General of Liberia, the Honorable Frank Musa Dean and others declared that there will be no permit granted for such protest and that anyone attempting protest march will be arrested on charges ofTreason-Sedition, the “one size fits all”, politically-motivated charges of “Treason–Sedition” of the dreaded True Whig Party days.

Now, the Honorable Senator went to press with the statement “Do the Right Thing” (Hot Pepper Liberia, December 16, 2019).

What, precisely, is this “right thing”? The Senator’s analysis:

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1) The Senator admonishes the CDC Government to do the right thing “that will benefit the masses that voted the government into power”;

2) When the right things are done and citizens are living happily across the country, “resignation and step down” will be considered as a mere statement to which many Liberians will not give credence;

3) Resignations are called for by aggrieved citizens that anybody can voice out anytime and that it is the right of every Liberian to peaceful assemble or call or call on the President to resign as contained in the 1986 Constitution. “What will you do to citizen that call for your resignation, will you arrest them”? The reason people stood in line during the election day to vote is to better their lives, but if voters who voted you to power for needed change in their lives are not improving as expected, “they will be aggrieved and take to the streets”.

4) Called for citizens to trust the government, but if citizens do not have confidence in their government, then there is a problem.

5) That the issue with printing new banknotes is a central government’s responsibility in dealing with the current economic situation.

6) Certainly, printing of new banknotes is a national concern due to the worsening of the economy. But the Senator did not address or elaborate or touch on the legal, economic aspects of the foreign and local investigations, including the US $25 million mop-up fiasco, findings ignored with new decision to print another corrupt bonanza are the troubling reasons for the “concerns”.

Mr. B. CommanyWessehis not one of your under-age 30, 2017 political actors, but an experienced, former University of Liberia student leaders, developed into the 1970s progressive activists and eloquent advocates for democracy under the rule of law.Mr. Wesseh played an active role in the historic Rice riot of April 14, 1979, during which several peaceful protest marchers were, reportedly, shot and killed by security force scathings, leading to the April 12, 1980 Event.

Obviously, Mr. Wesseh is mellowed with age, experience and learned, reasonably, from the various socio-political events/developments. But his analysis, above, of the issues now prevailing falls short of clear, precise and reasonable message/advice to the present young leaders and the future leaders of our country.

Other scathing investigative reporters, notablyFront Page Africa, noted that according to experts, the issue of printing 4 billion Liberian Banknotes, apparently already in the country, is an “impeachable offence”. The issue of the nation’s economy is very serious, dominated by foreign nationals in alliance with Liberian “politicians”.What is the Senator’s Message, advice to the Liberian People?

Senator B. CommanyWesseh Goes to Press
(UP, River Gee County)

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