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Dr. Moniba to name Grace Kpaan as running mate

Dr. Clarence Moniba, one of the country’s rising political stars, is expected to name former Montserrado County Superintendent, Grace Kpaan as his running mate.

The 44-year-old is the presidential hopeful for the Liberian National Union. He has a reputation for fiscal prudence. 

Moniba is energizing voters with promises that critics say border on populism, but have resulted in a groundswell of support, especially among the two largest voting blocs in the country—youth and women—reinvigorating his campaign.

Moniba’s visions for Liberia, which are ambitious, include introducing a national agricultural policy that ensures that each county becomes a food production zone.

It will ensure that each county participates in mechanized agriculture towards building its ultimate goal of making the country self-sufficient in its staple food, rice.

It seeks to create a mortgage scheme to spur infrastructure development and home ownership and make sure that every high school graduate has at least two years of mandatory technical and vocational skills training.

His strategic alliance with Kpaan, a seasoned administrator with a wealth of experience in local governance, is seen as a formidable combination that could solidify his chances of success in the upcoming election.

Kpaan, who previously served as Montserrado County Superintendent, has garnered recognition for her outstanding achievements in public service.

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Her remarkable track record in effective governance and commitment to community development has earned her widespread admiration among both constituents and political observers.

“By selecting Grace Kpaan as his running mate, Dr. Moniba demonstrates his commitment to promoting capable and experienced individuals who can immediately contribute to the progress and development of the nation,” Lloyd Scott, Moniba Campaign Chair, disclosed. 

“They’re committed to enabling economic growth, creating job opportunities, and addressing some of Liberia’s most pressing challenges, from healthcare to education to economic growth to infrastructure development.”

Kpaan once served as the President of the International Transport Workers Federation Coordinating Committee. Her selection marks a historic moment in Liberia as she will become the third female candidate contesting for the nation’s second-highest political office. 

As the election draws closer, political analysts anticipate that this strategic partnership will further consolidate Moniba’s standing as a rising political star, potentially shifting the political landscape if his campaign still maintains its current momentum.

The unveiling of Kpaan, according to analysts, is expected to inject renewed energy and excitement into Moniba’s campaign, captivating voters and stimulating widespread discussions.  

The announcement is scheduled to take place at a highly-anticipated campaign rally, where Moniba and Kpaan will share their collective vision for a better Liberia. 

The event is expected to attract a significant turnout of supporters, eager to witness the next phase of Moniba’s transformative political journey.

“It is a partnership that is rooted in shared values of accountability, transparency, and good governance. Dr. Moniba’s leadership style is highly principled, and he is an idealist who is passionate about the positive transformation of Liberia.”

“Madam Kpaan’s vision aligns perfectly with these ideals, as she is renowned for her integrity and administrative acumen, and is a symbol of hope in the fight against systemic corruption in Liberia’s administrative system,” Scott noted.

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