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Drama at Wedding

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The compound of the Saint Paul Apostolic Mission Church in Slipway in Central Monrovia was the scene of drama last Saturday, when a group of angry women attempted disrupting an ongoing wedding ceremony.

The situation was a “dog fight” between two women-one of whom was finally chosen as the bride for the man they both loved so much. The pastor, who performed ceremony, became speechless and confused when the women stormed his church.

The Holy matrimony between the groom, Rufus Monyon Harman and lucky bride, Marbel W. Solo at the St. Paul Apostolic Mission Church was disrupted for about 6 hours by  the unlucky woman only identified as Esther from West Point Township.

Esther and Rufus were reportedly in court when he quietly made his decision to marry another woman. Gossipers are reported to have informed her that Rufus, her husband-to- be was wedding another woman instead of her.

Esther, upon hearing the news, mobilized a group of women already in sympathy with her, in the Slipway and West point Communities to storm the church to demand  Rufus  out. At the church, they chanted anti-Rufus slogans, describing him as traitor.

“Men are deceitful; they cannot be trusted by women. Instead of them loving and caring for you, they are there caring for others outside,” said a middle-age woman said, while another snouted: “If I was Esther, I would have burnt down the whole church for the pastor, family members of the two, including sympathizers and friends to die in the process.”

In spite of the confusion, the ceremony went ahead, but was hastily done for the wedded couple to leave the vicinity as quickly as possible. As the result of the disruption, the couples were unable to host the wedding reception in the community. Had it not been for the huge deployment of state security, especially, the police, there would have been causalities either due to the severity of the situation.

It took the police 5 to 6 hours to ease the tension and bring the situation under control by dispersing the huge crowd of women at the scene in the Slipway Community.

One of the uncles of bride ( named with-held) told this paper that Rufus and his wife got married traditionally, on Sunday, 14, April 2013 at their family home in Monrovia.

“Marbel and Rufus have been together for the past years, and they had children. When she brought Rufus to us (Family), we did ask him whether or not he had extra- relationship and he denied,” the uncle said.

He advanced that it was too disgraceful and embarrassing to their family to have experienced such which was least expected.

“If we knew that Rufus was in extra relationship with child or children to which he admitted before the congregation in the church, I would have discourage my niece,” the dejected uncle stated, writes TKS.

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