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Drugs sales at BWI

-DEA reveals

The Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) in Margibi County has revealed that some students of the Booker Washington Institute or BWI in Kakata are involved in substance abuse.

According to the DEA, these students go to school after drinking and smoking only to disturb normal activities of the institution.

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Speaking to reporters at the DEA office in Kakata, Deputy County Commander Mayor Sebastian S. N. Laghie, disclosed that the BWI Administration thru the office of the Vice Principal for Administration on April 13 wrote the DEA, informing the Agency of a notorious gangster selling drugs in the premises of the institution.

He said the letter further stated that some students of BWI go there to buy drugs for consumption after which they return to the campus and misbehave during regular instructional periods.

Mayor Laghie added that upon receiving the letter, he was instructed by his boss Col. Ralph O. Gooding, to lead a team of DEA officers to the notorious gangster’s base within the premises of BWI identified as Miami Beach.

He detailed that on April 15, 2015, during the morning hours, he led a team of DEA officers along with his chief for operations that went on the scene, and arrested the main leader of Miami Beach along with some drugs (Marijuana and Cocaine) worth 5,000 Liberian Dollars before setting the entire beach ablaze.

 The Margibi Deputy DEA Boss said many of the occupants of the beach escaped but they were identified and the DEA will pursue them everywhere even on the BWI campus.

He noted most of the people, who escaped wore long blue jean trousers and white T-shirts which is the official uniform for students at BWI.

The deputy Commander said students of BWI, who were consuming the narcotic substances are now safe because the Miami Beach has been completely burnt down by the DEA.

He said the DEA is working very hard and will charge the young man, who was arrested as soon as possible to send him to court for prosecution.

For his part, the Head of the Miami Beach, Abraham O. Kamara, denied selling drugs to BWI students, arguing that drugs are not even among goods being sole at the base. Kamara said he sells food stuff and not drugs as alleged by the DEA.

According to him, initially he and some other people used the area to play football but later observed that some people were asking for something to eat, which encouraged him to start selling food there.

He further explained that while on the beach, many people took items for sale and he noticed some people smoking, but when he tried to advise them, they would tell him that the place does not belong to him.

More over, he added that the DEA has visited the area before to inquire whether he sold drugs there and told them no, adding, they did not see drugs with him at the beach.

According to him, some people go there wearing blue jeans and white T-shirts but he cannot tell whether BWI students were among them because not only BWI students wear blue jeans and white T-shirts.

Abraham further noted that many people also go at the beach to study their lessons, arguing that he was not arrested with drugs and so he was surprise for the DEA to accuse him of selling drugs at the beach, especially to BWI students.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi

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