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Duped Customers Sue Company

Several Liberians reportedly duped of over 6 million Liberian Dollars plus some US$17,000 are pursuing a legal step at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia, as one of the arrested suspects extradited from Sierra Leone Yusuff Sesay is said to be locked behind bars at the South Beach Prison here.

The arrested suspect Yusuff Sesay, Resource Manager and Abu Bakarr Jalloh, General Manager, Wealth Builders Networks (at large), had reportedly escaped Liberia last November with an estimated LD$4 million, leaving both customers and agents in total frustration.

The recent disclosure of $6,590,000 plus $17,000USD was made by Richard Sherman, who claimed that the first disclosure was just an estimate by his colleagues.

Over the weekend, the head of Agents, Richard Sherman told our reporter that they were fortunate to have arrested Sesay in Sierra Leone about two weeks ago, and subsequently brought him to Liberia to give an account of the millions entrusted in the Wealth Builders group in court.

But Agent Sherman claimed that the suspect has refused to release any tangible information to the aggrieved customers and agents. He told our reporter that at the time of his arrest and up to present, they have not seen suspect Sesay with money.

Upon their arrival to Liberia from Sierra Leone, Richard said the case was registered at the New Kru Town Magisterial Court, but according to him, the Judge asked that the case be transferred to the Monrovia City Court, noting that such was beyond his reach.

He furthered that the CEO for Wealth Builders Inc. based in Sierra Leone Peter Onyella has assured the victims of getting their money by all cost, but did not say how and when, as many of the customers keep spending their resources after the case.

The victims have called on the government of Liberia, and Lawyers to come to their rescue from the cruel hands of dubious group who had come to dupe Liberians of millions.

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The Wealth Builders Networks was situated on the Bushrod Island in Logan Town, where it is reported that several individuals had accounts of 30,000; 150,000; and even as high as 400,000 Liberian Dollars.

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