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Traffic and Safety Issues: Who’s Responsible?

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Riding a motorbike is not without risk as it can be quite dangerous if one is not careful when riding a motorbike. Then, traveling with a passenger on a motorbike is a task best left to the experienced motorcycle operator because it affects many different aspects of the bike’s operation. Carrying a person on the back of your bike is quite different than transporting a heavy suitcase or other cargo.

Then again, it is even more risky to carry a passenger who’s pulling at a luggage. As seen in this photo, the motorbike rider is carrying a passenger, and the passenger is using both hands to hold onto a wheel barrow on the busy Congo Town, Paynesville highway. In the wheel barrow is a cooler, which I hope is not filled with some heavy items.

As I watched the motorbike swerved between traffic, the passenger determined to pull along the wheel barrow was also seen struggling to hold firmly to the wheel barrow, while at the same time keeping his balance on the motor bike.

While there may things to carry on a motor bike, we know that items carried on motor bikes need to be securely fastened or they could get fall off, or cause accidents on the streets.

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