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Education – An Urgent Social Issue in Liberia – LP Chairman

Liberty party Chairman Benjamin Sanvee has described education as the most urgent social issue in Liberia. As such, Chairman Sanvee, something radical needed to be done to revamp the system.

He made the statement when he spoke on Thursday at a program making the celebration of the Day of the African a Child held at the university of Liberia. “We cannot just throw money at the problem, and continue to do the same thing over and over and expecting change,” he added, emphasizing the need for the government to be bold and take risk.

“That is why I decided to join bridge partnership schools for Liberia,” he said. According to him, bridge partnership schools are part of the national movement to dramatically improve education in Liberia, and in order to do this, they are creating powerful public schools.

He noted that powerful public schools were those that embody what all public schools in Liberia should and can become places of trust, opportunity and pride and trust powerful places of learning that provide parents, pupils, and teachers a stable, supportive environment they can trust.

He assured that bridge partnership schools will create powerful public schools that will make Liberia shine, saying it is a first step that could make the future for a Liberian child today very different from the Liberian child of yesterday.

He also noted that powerful partners create opportunities for parents, pupils, teachers and work diligently to help them reach their goals and achieve success as well as powerful allies that earn trust by delivering results-creating a sense of pride that drives communities to be invested and engaged in the schools’ continued progress.

He added that Bridge has over 500 schools from Liberia to India and that he has seem how bridge schools work, adding “I have seem teachers prepared, present and give the support they need to make sure children are learning”.

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“I believe this program is the first, powerful step in seeing radical change in Liberian education,” he stated. He noted that it takes a village, the Government of Liberia and their world – a world at school to celebrate the children of Liberia and discuss what can be done to make educational in Liberia even better.

According to him, education is personal because from his time as youth advisor to the president, to running for the senate, he did education because he does believe in the enormous potential of Liberia’s youth and want to advocate for change.

He revealed that why running for the senate, he went to schools were dedicated teachers covering multiple classes without any support, classrooms with no books and students- Liberia’s future not even bothering to take their back packs off their backs because they knew they would not be in the classroom for long.

He said they would co-create these powerful public schools, but needed the collective efforts of all Liberians and government officials as well. 

By Bridgett Milton

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