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‘Ellen Girls Brigade’ Demands Salaries, But…

“Ellen Girls Brigade”, one of the auxiliary groups of the of the Unity Party during last year’s elections, yesterday stormed the Monrovia City Hall in demand of their salaries after working  without pay.

The girls, who first went to the residence of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to seek redress, explained that they were hired by Acting City Mayor Mary Broh following the elections to work at the City Hall reciprocity to their services rendered the Unity Party.

According to the girls, Mayor Broh hired them to be supervisors during the students’ vacation jobs in December, but noted that since completing their assignments at the City Hall they are yet to receive a dime from the Mayor Broh. They accused Mayor Broh of aggressively lashing at and insulting them.

“Whenever we come here to collect our money, Mary Broh always cheek us up; and the money in question we are here for is our hard labor that we ourselves worked for. Many days Mary Broh insulted us on the job and we all are responsible people with families that we take care of,” Patricia Gray explained in anger.

Patricia said she and her colleagues were at President Sirleaf’s residence to explain some other problems being faced by them.

“We did not go to the old-ma house to complain Mary Broh; but when she heard that we were at the president place, she sent her people to come and bring us over to the City Hall”.

Patricia further explained that they have sacrificed for the Unity Party and been with President Sirleaf throughout the campaign in all of the counties, saying  they did not deserve to be treated the way Mayor Broh has done. But Acting City Mayor Mary Broh denied all allegations, suggesting that the girls in question were never around when their colleagues were being paid at the City Hall.

She noted that she recruited the girls because of what she called their efforts and services rendered to the president during campaign, saying after hiring them, she came under serious criticisms from some of her staff for allowing some of the girls to serve as supervisors for those they met at the City Hall.

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She, however, said if the girls were to be paid, it should be the Finance Ministry to do so because the City Hall was not responsible for payment.

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