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Employees demand legal status at Chinese Hotel

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Liberian employees at the Chinese Hotel and Restaurant in Oldest Congo, suburb of Monrovia are calling on the Ministry of Labor (MOL) to ensure their employment status is legitimized by the hotel management.

Ten Liberian staff, speaking through their spokesperson, J. Elliott Mccormack, said they have been working without letters of employment, identification cards, insurance and benefits since 2005. Mccormack, who is Black Manager for the Chinese Hotel and Restaurant, also disclosed they have raised the issue with Labor Ministry Inspectors, who usually visit the entity about their plight, but the inspectors would say nothing to them.

He said though the management of the hotel and restaurant was doing well in terms of salary payment, but their status as employees was paramount. When the management of the hotel and restaurant was contacted on the matter, a female expatriate, who refused to give her name to reporters, said that her boss was out of the country and therefore, could not officially comment. -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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