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End of ‘Juvenile Reckless Governance’

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Opposition leader Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai says the pending 14 November presidential run-off “is the end of juvenile delinquent leadership and reckless governance,” a stark attack against his rival President George Manneh Weah’s rule.

“For Liberians, this election, it is the end of juvenile delinquent leadership and reckless governance,” the opposition Unity Party (UP) presidential candidate said at a press conference on Sunday, 12 November 2023. 

“It is an end to lawlessness and industrialized corruption. It is the end to the tears of our mothers, relatives, and friends who continue to weep for their children and loved ones who were the victims of disappearances and mysterious murders,” Amb. Boakai continued. 

For many parents, he stated, it is the end of the drug epidemic and the Kush invasion.

The Unity Party standard bearer will be challenging Mr. Weah of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) on 14 November 2023, marking their second time meeting in a run-off.

They earlier battled in a presidential run-off in November 2017, but Mr. Weah won as an opposition leader at the time.

20 presidential candidates inclusive of Mr. Weah contested the 10 October 2023 polls, but none of them obtained the required 50 percent plus one vote to be declared a winner.

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Mr. Weah and Amb. Boakai made it to the run-off with each obtaining a little over 43 percent of the total votes cast.

Ahead of Tuesday’s polls, Boakai addressed a press conference at his Paynesville residence Sunday, 12 November, warning that “Elections rigging will be devasting and unimagined against President George M. Weah.” 

The former Liberian Vice President dared the ruling CDC to tamper with the votes, saying if the ruling party rigs the election, the consequences on President Weah will be devasting.

Amb. Boakai said Liberians have resolved to remove President Weah and his CDC, and nothing can change it. 

Amb. Boakai noted that since the announcement of the campaign for the presidential run-off, his supporters have been intimidated by CDC. 

The opposition politicians pointed out that they have outlined these violations to narrate the fear that has gripped President Weah and his party and to state their confidence in winning the election. 

Boakai disclosed that the CDC knows that change is inevitable and it is now imminent. According to him, the day of reckoning is near for President Weah and his co-conspirators.

Amb. Boasted that the Unity Party and its Allies were mature and responsible enough to understand the reckless misadventure of President Weah, his government, and his Party. 

“We call on all Liberians to remain emboldened in the face of these acts of lawlessness designed and implemented under the watchful eyes of Mr. Weah,” he noted.

Mr. Boakai also called on all partisans, rescue missionaries, and supporters to remain calm and peaceful as they approach the day of reckoning for President Weah. 

” Please turn out in your numbers on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, and troop to the polls to vote out this lawless and corrupt leadership. Please vote # 1,” Boakai pleaded with Liberians.

“By voting against Mr. Weah and his CDC you are helping to remove a failed and inept government. By voting for the Unity Party, you want to assure the future of hope and promise for our country and generations to come.” 

By voting Joseph Boakai, Jeremiah Kpan Koung, and the Unity Party, you are saying no to juvenile delinquent leadership in Liberia,” he stated.

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