Fake Public Works Minister arrested

A man impersonating as ‘Minister of Public Works’ has been arrested by security forces in Nimba County. The fake minister was arrested after he collected huge sum of money from residents of Sanniquellie.

Emmanuel Tamba, 32, who entered Nimba County about four months ago, has been allegedly involved in selling fake passports and other documents and extorting money from peaceful citizens.

According to report, suspect Tamba is a citizen of Lofa County, who entered Ganta, Nimba County about two months ago, impersonating as Minister of Public Works, who had gone to observe ongoing roads construction project undertaken by the World Bank.

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He allegedly collected over US$30,000 from residents of Ganta under the pretext that their houses and other properties already marked for demolition will not be affected, while residents without legitimate deeds for their lands, but want to get payment from government for their properties will become successful, among other false promises.

While in Saclepea, suspect Tamba told citizens that he is a Liberian Ambassador to Egypt, who had gone to visit Nimba County to see some of the developmental programs they were involved in.

He subsequently collected over 40,000 Liberian dollars from the residents of Saclepea, posing as a consultant for the World Bank.

Suspect Emmanuel Tamba however met his waterloo in Sanniquellie and eventually arrested while this time around, posing as CEO for the China International Company or CICO, engaged in road construction in the county.

He has been subsequently charged and sent to court.

By Franklin Doloquee, Nimba

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