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Female Liberian becomes anti-money laundering specialist

A Liberian senior staff of the United Bank for Africa (UBA), Ms. TannehGbobeh, was recently part of a select group of professionals from around the world to earn the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) designation.

In a letter of congratulations addressed to Ms. Gbobeh dated 12 September, the Executive Vice President of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), Mr. John J.
Byrne, commended Ms. Gbobeh for the invaluable proof that she has mastered a challenging body of uniquely specialized knowledge.

Recognized by businesses and public agencies worldwide, Mr. Byrne said, CAMS is the most respected credential in the anti-money laundering field, which tells colleagues, employees and clients alike that the beneficiary is a fully trained expert.

“Thank you for your support to ACAMS and CAMS certification Program. We look forward to your continued involvement with the Association,” Mr. Byrne wrote Ms. Gbobeh. Meanwhile, in an additional compliment to Ms. TannehGbobeh, the Editor-in-Chief of CAMS, Karla Monterrosa-Yancey extended congratulation to her on earning the CAMS designation, expressing certainty that she worked hard to attain it.

“You and your employer must be proud, and we encourage you to spread the word regarding your achievement,” Editor-in-Chief Monterrosa-Yancey wrote. Editor Monterrosa – Yancy said further that Ms. Gbobeh’s merit not only positively reflects her as a distinguished practitioner, but also on her employer, who now has objective confirmation of her proficiency in the dynamic anti-money laundering field. “Your certification also asserts that your employer takes anti-money laundering seriously and employs top specialists like yourself,” Wrote Editor Monterrosa- yancy.

Ms. Gbobeh -an enterprising Liberian of humbled background, is a graduate of the A. M. E. University with a BSc. in Economics, in addition to three diplomas from the Liberia Institute of Public
Administration – Public Sector Budgeting & Finance; Evaluation and Monitoring, and Project Management.

She spent nearly seven years in the banking profession during which she navigated four international banking institutions in Liberia. The CAMS is a professional course designed for a one year period however, and participants were drawn from South America, Africa and the USA.

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Ms. Gbobeh said she was the only staff from United Bank for Africa with such specialized Certification, the first female ranking among the third Liberian national.  

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