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‘Fight for Cllr. Scott’ 

EFFL urges opposition

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) has called on those within the to wake up from their slumber and fight for Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott and her family.

In an exclusive WhatsApp interview with this paper over the weekend, EFFL leader Emmanuel Honquoi warned the opposition that nobody knows tomorrow, saying it could be any of them too. 

Cllr. Scott and her family members Rebecca Youdeh Wilson, Gertrude Newton, and Alice C. Johnson are facing charges including murder, criminal conspiracy, and [providing] false reports to law enforcement officials.

They were charged and sent to court Thursday, 22 June 2023 after several months of police investigation about the murder of Cllr. Scott’s daughter Charloe Musu.

The magisterial court in Monrovia has denied Cllr. Scott and her family members request to be released on bail, saying it lacks original trial jurisdiction in the murder case.

The court also cited the defendants’ failure to request a preliminary hearing to allow it to hear the evidence that the State relies on.

Meanwhile, Gonquoi said the EFFL takes serious exception to an alleged ‘high level of witch-hunt’ being meted out against peaceful citizens in the wake of the arrest of Cllr. Scott, and her three family members. 

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Gonquoi said his party cannot sit idly and allow the fast-becoming one-term President George Manneh Weah to cause mayhem and harassment against the people. 

“We urge our compatriots of the opposition bloc to wake up from their slumber because today is Cllr. Scott, as no one knows the next target and victim,” said Gonquoi. 

He called on Liberians to reject President Weah and his government at the polls this October. 

“This is the only medium through which our country can be redeemed or regained from the hands of looters,” he alleged. 

The EFFL leader also asked Liberians to remain calm and focused on the task to reject President Weah at the polls.

“As a signatory to the Farmington River Declaration, we call on international partners to take keen note of the fast-approaching danger that has the recipe for chaos,” he said.

The opposition politician further stated that the action of President Weah and his surrogate should be a caveat to the people that anything called the CDC (Coalition for Democratic Change) should be buried and never surface in the body politics on election day.  

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One Comment

  1. I profoundly disagree with former president Sirleaf on the Gloria Musu’s case! Gloria Musu Scott is being accused of murder, she must exonerate herself, remain in jail during her trails! That’s the law!

    That in no way circumvent the law!

    Clearly, the former president is acting on sentiments to prejudice the case!

    This is the same president who presided over the worst forms of government corruption and human rights abuses, extra judical killings, and nepotism, in Liberian history!!
    With USD$16 Billion Dollars direct investment, Mrs Sirleaf left nothing to show by her corrupt Unity Party Government yet she parades as a star!
    Shame on her!!!

    Did the judiciary revert to the evil past when Madam Sirlear imprisoned for more than two years without trials 500 Grand Gedeans on the false accusations of coup plots?

    What a contradiction?
    Gongloe is

    Gongloe’s concept of the law is vandetta driven, he is so incensed by hate that he would support anything against Mr Weah government!

    Mr Gomgloe’s frustración is increasily the fact that no real Liberian would want a Nimba preaident!

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