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Firestone rejects Bong Rubber Farmers’ claim

Firestone Liberia has categorically rejected claims that it entered into an agreement with farmers in Bong County to purchase rubber and failed to honor its legal obligations.

In response to an article (Bong: Rubber Farmers Angry with Firestone Liberia) published in the New Dawn newspaper in which farmers in Bong County expressed frustration in the failure of Firestone Liberia to purchase their rubber even though it entered into agreement with them, the company denied the existence of any such agreement.

Firestone also stated that contrary to assertion that it has not purchased rubber from the farmers since November 2022, it did purchase rubber from farmers across the country including farmers in Bong County through the months of November and December 2022, exceeding its storage and factory capacity.

“More importantly, Liberian law promotes freedom of association, so the farmers are free to sell their rubber to any buyer of their choice including Firestone,” Firestone said in its response adding, “Firestone Liberia rubber buying is based on the factory production plan and holding at least one month of storage.

The factory is conducting annual maintenance, which takes place every year, and results in a temporary reduction in the amount of rubber purchased. Prior to shipment, farmers are required to get a booking confirmation from Firestone Liberia’s rubber purchasing department.

The company stated that the process is designed to ensure an efficient process for the rubber to be received. Firestone Liberia continues to engage farmers with updates on the buying plan.”https://thenewdawnliberia.com/bong-rubber-farmers-angry-with-firestone-liberia/

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