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Free Surgeries for 35 Children

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More than 35-Liberian children are expected to benefit from free surgeries from four Spanish medical doctors currently in the country. Dr. Fernado Rivilla, Dr. Alfredo De Andres, Dr. Emilio Terol and Dr. Fvensanta Messeover arrived in the country as result of an appeal from the Catholic Health Secretariat and will perform several surgical operations on.

The 35 children to benefit from the surgeries are suffering from various sicknesses and deformities. The four Spanish doctors are also in Liberia to build the capacity of medical practitioners of the Catholic Health Secretariat.

Last Friday, they commenced a week-long training program for medical practitioners of the Catholic Health Secretariat. The training, among other things, focused on pediatric emergencies and general assessment.

During the opening session, participants were drilled on how to treat children with various illnesses. They were urged not to separate children from their parents while undergoing treatment.

The capacity-building training was in continuation of series of training programs being facilitated by Spanish medical practitioners over the years to their Liberian counterparts. Over 50 participants are attending the training being held on the compound of the Catholic Hospital in Monrovia.

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