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From “Julijuah” with renewed hope

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The Liberian Cabinet, under the chairmanship of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, last week met for a two-day retreat in Julijuah- the President’s farm, in Bomi County, Western Liberia.

The primary focus of the retreat- first of the year 2015,  was to reunite members of the executive Branch of Government, as well as highlight their achievements and failures of 2014 and reach a common purpose to guide ministries and agencies in executing presidential mandates in the last three years of the administration.

Earnestly,  if any cabinet minister or agency, except the Ministry of Health  head   reported any achievements at last week’s retreat, it would have been a complete disservice not only to the President, but the entire nation. This is because the national health crisis or Ebola outbreak would not have allowed any government functionary, besides the Health Ministry, to pursue its statutory mandate.

And it was clear enough at the Julijuah Cabinet Retreated that almost the entire agency heads attributed their inability to achieve to the deadly Ebola situation across the country, which stalled almost all of the initiatives and projects of the government, including roads and power.

But one major achievement that may have been reported by the Health Ministry to the cabinet is the gradual victory over the deadly Ebola Disease which struck the nation since early 2014. Government functionaries that may have contributed to such achievement might have also reported the respective roles.

Whatever may have taken place in Julijuah, our only hope is  that  cabinet ministers and heads of agencies are back in Monrovia with renewed vigor and spirit of purpose in guiding our national development agenda. We are of the fervent belief that the retreat may have achieved the primary purpose of reuniting officials of the Executive Branch- something that is very important in fostering collaboration between and among these officials so as to execute the mandates of the Presidency.

We are also of the fervent belief that, from all indications, Julijuah will bring national renewal and progress now that Ebola is almost behind us, and that  there will be unity of purpose in our national development drive throughout this year and up to January 2018.

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