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Ganta Legislative Retreat:

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Hoping for the Out-most and Sincere Best All eyes are now set on the northern Liberian commercial City of Ganta in Nimba County for a five-day retreat, under the auspices of the 35-man joint Committee on Good Governance, Judiciary, Elections and Inauguration of the House of Representatives.

The retreat – sponsored by the United Nations Development Program or UNDP, will focus on the propositions from the Constitution Review process submitted to the House of Representatives few weeks agp by the President of Liberia, following perusal and recommendation on the way forward, as mandated by the House’s Plenary.

It will enable and afford lawmakers the opportunity to reflect on the 25-propositions coming out of the CRC process, as well as provide them the opportunity to assess or distinguish between portions of the propositions that need to go for referendum, others that need to be statutory amendments, or ones that can be handled by relevant government ministries or agencies.

“Having received the report on the CRC process in Gbarnga through the President’s office; and in the wisdom of the Joint Committee, it was agreed that a retreat to enable the committee elucidate more information to inform or report to the Plenary was needed; and in that process, we were able to get the willingness of one of the partners of the CRC process – the UNDP, to sponsor what it will take to host the Joint Committee’s retreat. And that has come to the attention of the Leadership; and the Leadership agreed that this broad-based consultation is needed,” said the Joint Committee of the House of Representatives.

As Members of the House of Representatives gather for their Ganta Retreat – though belated yet still necessary, many of the people they represent would only hope that they keep in mind that whatever decision to be reached on these propositions for the referendum would better serve the interest of the entire nation and not a single or few individuals. Such thinking of the people is against the backdrop of the misrepresentation characterizing the activities of those who represent them at the Capitol Building, especially on issues related to the ratification of the various concession agreements without consideration to the socio-economic well-being of the beneficiaries.

Except for a few modifications as indicated by the House’s Joint Committee under whose auspices the Ganta Retreat is being hosted, the propositions – no doubt, are not only holistic, but nationalistic, considering the inputs of Liberians across the entire country – thanks to Chairman Gloria Musu Scott and Members of the Constitution Review Committee, along with all partners of the review process.

It is in view of the foregoing that many Liberians – especially the majority of whose inputs are manifested in the 25-propositions, expect the exercise to be characterized by the highest degree of honesty/ sincerity and all of the attributes of patriotism so that the results of the Ganta Retreat will be respected and welcomed in consonance with the general interest of the population.

Just as it has previously been on Capitol Hill, there may suspicions and questions, but it is incumbent on the people’s representatives to disabuse the minds of those who harbour such perceptions about their inability to properly deliver their expectations as they relate to doing justice to the 25-propositions.

But again, the ‘honorable men and women’ of the House of Representatives MUST be given the opportunity to brainstorm for the necessary results, other than ‘jumping into conclusion. All Liberians must hope for in Ganta, Nimba County is the out-most and sincere best from the Lawmakers at the end of the up-coming Legislative Retreat.


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