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Gbaleyee citizens endorse Weah, Rep. Somwarbi for 2nd term

By Thomas Domah / Nimba County

Citizens of Gbaleyee Town, Yarmie administrative district, Nimba County have endorsed President George Weah’s bid for second term and their lawmaker, Joseph Nya Somwarbi.

Converging recently in the town, the citizens said their decision is based on Representative Somwarbi’s past records as a people-center leader, who they believe can continuously make better representation for them.

Yarmie administrative district chief James Gorpu of New Yekepa told the gathering that Rep. Somwarbi’s first term in office was characterized by unity, good representation, and community development programs across the district, including re-conditioning farm-to-market roads, among others. 

Elder Gorpu also disclosed that Somwarbi’s good work also brought several GSM facilities in Yarmie, compared to the past.

He noted that giving the lawmaker a second term will enable him to continue his good work and excellent representation.

Several women groups at the ceremony also praised the ruling CDC lawmaker for the level of relief he has brought to them in the district.

According to the women, Somwarbi’s intervention has helped reduced frequent death of pregnant women caused by home delivery because they cannot access health facilities.

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The women recalled that in the past, they used to go for medication in neighboring Guinea, but the intervention of the lawmaker has addressed the situation.

In response, Representative Somwarbi described his endorsement by the citizens as a covenant between him and his constituents, while pledging to do more if given a second chance.

He said when reelected in October, he will continue his good across the district.

“This endorsement from the citizens speaks volumes to what I have done during this first term, and their support for my second term will enable me to move ahead and bring more development to impact their lives”, he said.

At the same time, the people of Yarmie administrative district pledged support for the re-election of President George to enable him to continue his development programs across Liberia.

The county chairperson of the ruling CDC, Reginald Mehn, thanked the citizens for supporting the second-term bid of both President Weah and their lawmaker, Joseph Nya Somwarbi.

Chairman Mehn pledged government’s commitment to pave roads in Yarmie administrative district that he disclosed will be done during President Weah’s pending visit to Nimba.

Yarmie chief elder Cooper Walakah, who spoke on behalf of fellow chiefs, underscored the many development activities carried out under the Weah administration.

He named the pavement of road from Sanniqullie to Karnplay which is in District 3, including health facility, among others.

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