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God, Please Show the Videos – Part 4

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Hello, Father God! Da me again-o, Papa. Da me pekin Paul. I am here to continue my appeal to you. And, as you already know, my appeal is that, on Judgment Day, you should show the videos of all the human beings to be judged. Show everybody’s video, and show the full versions of all the videos. Don’t cut anything short. We can bear that extra patience to watch all the rotten videos you have been recording.

Show the videos of pastors and deacons and song leaders and youth ministers and associate pastors and ushers and bishops and priests and choir directors and Bible teachers and evangelists and overseers and all Christians. Hmm! I can imagine how the unedited versions of some pastors’ videos will be like. God, show the entire thing.

Show the videos of all ayatollahs and caliphs and imams and mullahs and alhajis and all other Muslims. And show the entire videos, too, Father God. Show the videos of presidents and vice presidents and ministers and deputy ministers and assistant ministers and directors and advisors and others working within the Executive Branch. We want to see the videos about how they can dance in the gas slips business.

Show the videos of all the members of the Legislature. Show the entire videos of the members of the Senate. Show the full videos of president pro-tempores and heads of all Senate committees. Show the complete videos of the members of the House of Representatives. Show the videos of speakers and deputy speakers and heads of all House committees.

Show the videos of all military officers, police officers, immigration officers, Special Security Services, Monrovia City Police and all other security officers. Show the whole stuff, Father God. Show the videos of all chiefs and elders and zoes. Show the videos of all medicine men and women. Show the videos of the heads of all traditional societies/institutions. Show the complete versions. Don’t edit anything.

Show the videos of all newspaper publishers, editors and reporters. They eat cato-taking like kanyan, yet they are the very people fond of standing on Mt. Wologisi and shouting, “We’re professional journalists doing a professional piece of job.” Show their entire videos, including the ones showing how, when and where they received all their catos. God, don’t allow them to find any excuse saying that their videos should be edited because their editors always edited their stories. Judgment Day videos are different from ordinary news stories. Show the unedited videos.

God, if you know what I know, please show the videos about the lives and activities of all human beings. We are quick to lie. Show our videos. We eat denying like kanyan. Show our videos. We like to pretend. Show the videos. Show the unedited versions of all people’s videos.

Some people are big-time gays and lesbians, yet they are the very ones standing on the top of the E. J. Roye Building to condemn homosexual relationship and marriage. Show their videos. Most of our pastors and preachers are big-time womanizers, yet they are the very people bravely preaching against fornication and adultery every Sunday morning. Please show their videos. Many police officers are themselves criminals, yet they are the very people who are hot to arrest the criminals in our communities.

Many married men love like dogs, yet they are brave to tell unmarried young men that they are irresponsible. Show their videos. Many married women have four to five secret lovers besides their husbands, yet they are brave to call other hustling women prostitutes. Show their videos, too. We all are rotten one way or another, yet we like to behave as if we were clean people. Please show our videos on Judgment Day.

By the way, God, ehn you will edit my video? I am not a government official. Besides, as I indicated the last time, please don’t show my entire video. It is not that I am scared or have something to hide but because there will be too many people for you to judge. Why waste your time on pekin like me? Just cut my video short. Let it be about ten minutes. I beg you, Papa God. This is my first appeal.

But I also have a second appeal. And, that is, in showing the videos, I don’t want you to start with me. Delay my own. But, Father God, it doesn’t pay for you to start with the videos of people like me. Please start with my friends and associates and workmates and others and delay my own for a while. I swear to God – that is, to you. I can wait for a whole year for you to show the other people’s videos before coming to me. Don’t rush with my video. Okay, Papa God?

To be continued …
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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