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God, Please Show the Videos – Part II

Hello, Father God. Da me again. Da me Paul. I na come back to continue making my appeal about your showing on Judgment Day the videos of all human beings. Please show the videos.

But, God, you yourself know that even in a court of law on earth, people charged with a crime or accused of a crime have to be presented with evidence to establish their culpability. It is difficult for wrongdoers to admit their crimes or for a court of law to convict anyone in the absence of evidence, even if the accused know deep down in their hearts that they committed the crime.

So, God, as you prepare yourself to launch the Judgment Day process in the future, please make video recordings your evidence. Don’t just separate the sheep from the goats; let the evidence be provided to convince the goats that, indeed, based on the videos shown, they belong to the Kingdom of Goats.

The manner in which you can remember things is not how we can remember. We are human beings. We forget most of the things we do and say in our lives. If you don’t want us to argue with you on Judgment Day, just relax in your seat and show the videos.

Don’t even ask anyone the questions: “Ehn you ate you neighbor’s wife? Ehn you slept with your neighbor’s husband? Ehn you had seven boyfriends at the same time?” Just show the video so that we can see the person in action. Da the only way, God!

We know that showing the video of each one of us will prolong the judging process, but it is the best way to go, Father God. I can imagine how long my friend Sam’s video will last, but just show it. I can imagine that Sister Cori’s video will take hours, but just show it. I know my man Fred’s video will be very, very long, but just show it. Sister Pee’s video will take a whole day, but just show it. I beg you, Father God. Show the videos. I can imagine that some people’s videos will take a whole week to play, but just show them. Believe me, God, the video is the best thing.

You know why the video is the way to go? It will free you of too much headache. Don’t send people to hell just like that. Show their videos first. I want to see their faces, as they watch their own videos; that is, before you can show mine. I wonder my video will be the shortest, say, ten minutes. I think so.

By the way, God, do you think my video will be too long? Because of time, I would appeal that my video be a summary of my main activities, instead of the complete episode. Don’t show the whole thing. There will be too many people to judge on Judgment Day, so don’t show my entire video. Just cut it short, Papa God.

For the other people, especially government officials and church leaders, please show their complete videos. Don’t cut anything short. Don’t leave anything out. If you do, they will give you too much hard time. They will argue as if they didn’t know that they had been rotten for years. God, you yourself know that Judgment Day will be a day of denials, lying, protests, dry face and strong-mouth. Everybody would like to go to heaven just like that.

But, God, you yourself yah! Who will agree to walk into hell just like that? We know how our own fire can burn us when we go near it. And knowing that it is some fire from God Himself, and not from any man, everybody will do everything in their power to avoid going there.

There will be a lot of arguing and protests, especially knowing that there will be no court of appeal where we could challenge your decision. It will be a do-or-die day, Father God. So, just show the videos. You will silence all of us, including all the so-called man of God running all around here. Please show the videos.

To be continued …
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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