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ArcelorMittal renews investment commitment

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Liberia’s largest steel manufacturing company ArcelorMittal says it remains committed to investing in Liberia, renewing its commitment to the government here.During a recent press briefing in Monrovia, the company noted that at no point in time did it ever talk about leaving Liberia. It terms such rumor as false and misleading.

ArcelorMittal’s head of Corporate Communication in Liberia Mrs. Amanda M. Hill told a regular press briefing at the Information Ministry that the company has maintained a commitment to investing in the people of Liberia for over 13 years.According to Mrs. Hill, the company is actively engaging with the government of Liberia on many topics.

She says through ArcelorMittal’s constructive engagement in May 2018, it was agreed upon in principle that they would provide funding for the construction of the Ganta to Yekepa Road.
She describes this project as a key step in the development of Liberia’s infrastructure that will positively impact the community.

The Corporate Communication head narrates that ArcelorMittal continues operating with no disruption, and it is planning to produce up to five metric tons of DSO [Direct Shipping Ore] this year.

The company official says ArcelorMittal is also considering new investment that will improve the grade of Liberian iron ore, extend the operational life of its mine beyond 2022 to increase government’s revenue stream.

According to her, the new investment will further improve training and capabilities among the Liberian employees at the company, and demonstrating confidence in the country and its future.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hill says ArcelorMittal believes in forging a strong partnership with the government of Liberia, including the Legislature, private sector and civil society to support shared goal in building a robust and stable economy.

According to Mrs. Hill, ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company, with a presence in 60 countries and on industrial footprint in 18 countries.

She notes that the company is guided by a philosophy to produce safe and sustainable steel, adding that they are leading suppliers of quality steel in the major global steel markets including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging, with world-class research and development.–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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