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GoL Releases $200K for Development in Bong

By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan

Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker has admitted the receipt of US $200,000 from the National Government for development purposes.

Superintendent Walker told a team of journalists that the money is intended to complete unfinished projects by the local leadership of the County.

Walker narrated that the Money was sent to her office account as a result of the current moratorium imposed by the Supreme Court of Liberia on the County’s account.

In early 2022, the Supreme Court placed a moratorium on the County’s account following a complaint from Bong County District #3 Representative Marvin Cole that a little over $100,000 got missing from the account.

 According to the Superintendent, consultations for the usage of the 200,000 United States Dollars along with other funding from concessioners are ongoing and rehabilitation works of unfinished projects across the County would shortly commence.

She named the rehabilitation of clinics, midwifery homes and schools as some of the projects that would greatly benefit from the 200,000-funding received from the government.

 Madam Walker also clarified that Bong County is nearing completion for the setting up of the County Council Sitting as mandated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to ensure adherence to the 2018 Local Government Act.

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According to the Superintendent, following careful observation and lessons learned in the implementation of the LAG in the County, Bong County is now being used as a perfect illustration to rollout Counties’ adherence and cooperation in the implementation of the 2018 LAG framework throughout the Country.

“As was mandated, I want to let you all know that we are on the verge of setting up the County’s council that will manage projects as clearly stated in the LGA” she adds.

Early last year, Justice in chamber Jamessatta Wolokollie ruled in favor of three rights groups after they filed a formal writ of prohibition at the Justice Ministry citing several irregularities in the implementation of the 2018 LAG by the leadership of the County.

In her ruling, Cllr. Wolokollie mandated the leadership of the county to work with the civil society organizations to set up the County Council, a decision the Superintendent thinks has yielded significant results.

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One Comment

  1. Pro-poor numbers are beginning to show from the Center of the farm of the Land. Hopefully it may spread along the rest of the 14 counties of Liberia before Election 2023, or if not completed, after. Otherwise, if a next administration emerges from election actual voters and nonvoters, will have to complete the process fixed amounts in the coffer of the nation. Development for all counties is not an illegal pro-poor. It is legal pro and comes from no container to exchange or infuse. The Liberian people will keep the ordinary funds for generations, as they have now learned the difference between the common, uncommon, and ordinary.

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