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Greed is weakening LP

-Says Charlyne Brumskine

By Lincoln G. Peters

Charlyne Brumstine, the daughter of Liberty Party (LP) founding Father Cllr. Charles Walker Brumstine says greed, selfishness and differences in political ideologies are the major factors that are gradually killing and weakening the once formidable Liberty Party.   

Speaking over the weekend in Monrovia, Cllr. Brumskine said there are people in the party who are hungry and greedy for their personal gains.

She claimed that such people are enjoying the split within the party despite knowing that their action is destroying the institution.

According to her, because of the greed and political divide, the party is split and nobody is willing to come to the table to settle the crisis.

She said the different sides in the party believe that they are right and are supported by some members of the executive committee.

Charlyne explained that the divide in the party is not strange because, for the past three elections that her father contested as standard bearer, he gave people the choice to follow their heart through a round-table conversation during run-offs.

‘’ During the 2017 elections, there were some LP members who decided that they wanted to support President George Weah while others wanted former VP Joseph Boakia, and it caused a divide and we all know what happened when we came from the court,” said Cllr. Brumskine.

She recalled that her father stood as a leader and called everyone to come at the table and told them that the greater good of the country was at hand. 

“We will hold together as an institution, but will allow our partisans to go forward,’’ she noted.

She said the exemplary leadership role that was demonstrated by her father in keeping the party together as a family is not seen in among the current leaders.

‘’Now, I want to give the non-political answer that will allow people to go on Facebook and abuse me,” said Charlyne. 

“There are individuals in our institution that are so hungry for their own desire,” she said.

Charlyne explained that people are on guide to fight for their leaders, even though they are aware that as they are fighting, they are breaking down the institution.

Brumskine said the institution is the representation of the people and leaders are the representation of the people.

She lamented that what is happening in LP has happened in Liberia, but until people can speak the truth to themselves, they will continue to destroy the possibility of Liberia moving forward.

‘’We all know who should be playing the role of the late Brumskine to bring all on the table to settle this crisis in the party. But I will go further and say that there are many people at this point who should be standing up to say let’s do the right thing to keep the party together and united,” she said.

“We cannot put the burden on the political leader or the chairman Musa Bility alone. At this stage, both have their views as to how it should go and there are those who are around them that their position is right,” she continued.

However, she said they need to call on all that love her father’s party to settle this thing. –Edited by Winston W. Parley


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