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GT Bank employees face Jury Panel

Prosecutors and defense counsels have selected a 15 – man jury panel at Criminal Court “C” to hear facts into an alleged US$126,219 indictment against three GT – Bank employees in person of defendants Montmorancy Yancy , Stanley Yorsee and Emmanuel Togba.

Only two of the accused were seen in court on Tuesday, 30 August at the Temple of Justice. They pleaded not guilty to the indictment after it had been read to them prior to the jury selection process.

Under multiple charges of theft of property, misapplication of entrusted property, criminal conspiracy and criminal facilitation, the prosecutors accused the defendants of taking cash of US$126,219.00 allegedly deposited by Total Liberia Inc. at GT – Bank between May and June 2015.

Several Total Liberia Inc. Gas Stations, including A. Jawara at Jacob Town, Wroto Town, A. Kaba [in] Congo Town, Rehab Station and Tarr Town, were said to have made deposits at GT – Bank totaling US$126,219.00.

Citing GT – Bank policy, the prosecutors suggested that during the business day, ‘Bulk Tellers’ take the cash received from customers to the Posting Tellers. In an alleged conspiracy between Yancy and Yorsee, the State said deposit slips were used to credit Total Liberia Account that had been suppressed by the two defendants.

Without the knowledge and authorization of the GT – Bank management, defendants Yancy and Yorsee allegedly credited to some individuals and GT – Bank employees the suppressed deposits as loans for interest.

Defendants Yorsee, Yancy and Togba allegedly converted the money into their personal uses without the knowledge of the bank’s management. Defendant Yancy had allegedly received and verified the cash and signed the logs indicating that he received US$126, 219.00; while the head of operations of GT – Bank Sinkor Branch, defendant Yorsee, allegedly co-signed the log.
The Prosecutors are contending that defendant Yorsee was under obligation to ensure that the total cash received by Yancy was posted into Total Liberia’s Account at GT – Bank and to confirm such posting by affixing his signature onto it.

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Instead, defendants Yorsee and Yancy allegedly instructed Emmanuel Togba to take away the log from the bank in which those deposits were recorded to destroy evidence, the indictment claimed.

In the presence of defendant Yorsee, the prosecutors claimed that defendant Yancy did receive and sign for cash of US$126,219.00 from bulk tellers in person of Teelo N. Murray, Francia Miller and Julius Konway assigned at the GT – Bank Head Office, 13th Street, Sinkor for the purpose of depositing it into Total Liberia Account operated at GT -Bank.

The Prosecutors have listed 17 institutions and individuals, including Forson International Company, National Bureau of Concession, as well as the Liberia Media Center, among others as those defendants Yancy and
Yorsee criminally loaned from Total Liberia Inc. deposits without the knowledge and approval of the GT – Bank management. After the jury selection process was completed on Tuesday, presiding Judge Emery S. Paye assigned the case for Wednesday, 30 August.

By Winston W. Parley

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