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GVL Ebola Awareness Roadshow in Major Sinoe Communities

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In addition to several awareness campaigns to minimize the spread of Ebola in its concession communities, Golden Veroleum Liberia on 5 Sept kicked off an Ebola awareness roadshow in Sinoe County. The roadshow, which began with the Grigsby Farm community, will cover five additional communities in Butaw including David Town, Tuoh, Compound, Snogbay and Bloah.

According to GVL Occupational Health and Safety Officer William Tweh, the film shows aimed at see community dwellers for themselves those affected by the Ebola virus, its signs and symptoms, and damages caused to the lives of Liberians and to the Liberian economy.“We want to make sure our affected communities are convinced that Ebola is real. We are showing the Ebola films usually during the evenings when residents return from their farms and work sites. The films are shown in open areas to avoid congestions or body contact,” said Tweh

Francis Mondubue, paramount chief of Chu-chu Chiefdom has praised GVL for the move. This she said is a powerful tool for convincing residents of her chiefdom. “Most of my people don’t know how to read and write. So when they see the movie show Ebola victims and how deadly the virus is, they believe it instantly,: she said.

Last week, Golden Veroleum’s communication department initiated a door-to-door awareness campaign in Butaw to combat the spread of the dreaded disease. According to Leroy Kanmoh, GVL communications officer for Sinoe who participated in the door-to-door campaign, the campaign is intended to complement other efforts currently being implemented by the company. “Near or around our farm locations are many villages and small towns, it is very important that we continue to make aware our local publics that we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure the safety of our personnel and local partner communities.”

With no current cases in Sinoe and Grand Kru, GVL hopes to not only contain the spread, but to significantly reduce the possibility that it would come to operational sites. As part of the elimination effort the company has donated dozens of buckets, nearly a ton of soap and chlorine to surrounding communities, as well as briefed dozens of local communities and implemented Ebola awareness and prevention public service announcements on radio stations in Sinoe, Grand Kru and Monrovia.

Meanwhile, As part of GVL’s commitment to respond to some fundamental services in its operational areas, she has officially turned over three rehabilitated hand pumps to Del-Kilo City in Numopoh on Sept 1, in Sinoe.

GVL Asst. Manager for Community Affairs Roosevelt Wleh pledged GVL’s commitment and support to uphold the social agreement by helping to provide safe drinking water and basic services to the people who are the custodian of the land maintain good working relations with the citizens and residents.

“While it is true that GVL has committed itself to help communities as the need arises, you are also urged to be vigilant in the maintenance of the hand pumps to serve the purpose for which they were rehabilitated,” said Wleh. “Please do not fail to contact our offices in case of any unusual situation; as things will not always be perfect, especially in the rainy season, but in the interest of the community we will always help where we can. We also hope that clean water will help in the fight against the current Ebola threat.”

The chiefs, women and elders in separate statements, thanked the GVL delegation for honoring their request to rehabilitate the damaged hand pumps in the shortest time possible.

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