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Heavy flood sweeps Goghen Town in Bomi

Goghen, a densely populated town about 10 kilometers from Tubmanburg, Bomi County was buried under water over the weekend as a result of heavy flooding, leaving hundreds of residents, including family members scavenging for refuge in churches, town halls and other public buildings.

Town chief Ma Garma Kawde, herself a victim, narrated that on Sunday, 7 September they had assembled in the town square to perform a sacrifice, but while in the process, news came that their homes were being swept away by heavy flood.

Chief Kawde said upon arriving on the scene, their houses and properties had been swallowed by water. According to her, similar experience had occurred in the town prior to her birth.

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“Yes, this thing happened long time ago, but that time I was not born. You see over there, that was the first town where our fathers used to live, but because of the same water and what happened that time, they were forced to move the town right here and today, this thing happened again,” narrated the town chief.

Ma Kawde said it pains hurt her heart to see all that she has labored for in her entire to go down in a dream, lamenting that she and her 12 children are now displaced in their own county and home town where they have lived their entire life.

Another victim of the flood, J. Boakai Mannah, narrated that his two houses were damaged by the water that took over the entire town on Sunday. Boakai is currently seeking refuge in an unfinished building on the opposite side of the town where the water did not reach.

He explained that all his goods that were in his shop got damaged and he is now confused, not knowing what next to do. Boakai said he and his family and other victims are calling on the Government of Liberia and other partners to go to their aid.

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He has meanwhile commended Senator Lahai Lassana, Bomi County development superintendent and the Red Cross for their quick intervention, adding that the Senator has promised them 50 bags of rice and some mattresses.

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