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I prefer going to college than trade school upon graduation from high school. College is an institution of higher education created to educate and grant degrees in areas of studies. In college, you spend years learning an area or profession which you want to practice when you grow up after high school.

In life the longer time you spend learning something, the more and better you get to know of it. It is not good to take a shortcut in life because there is no easy to success. In college, you spend longer time than in trade school. In college, you do research in your discipline and you are prepared to face the world. There are lots of job opportunities for a college graduate.

I remember in 2014 when my older brother wanted to work with the World Food Program in the IT department as a computer programmer. He was asked to bring his college document or degree, but unfortunately, at that time he had not gone to college and so he missed the job opportunity. If you are a college graduate, you can receive a job in less than six months, you can work in an office, and you can be the owner of your business and bring pride to your family and to yourself as a college graduate even if you are unemployed. The feeling of being a college graduate is an accomplishment, which no one can take from you. But a college degree is not a guarantee for employment, for there are many unemployed college graduates in Liberia. There are also many trade school graduates unemployed or have no contract.

It is not bad to attend trade school. In trade school, you learn a vocational skill in a short time and can gain employment. College takes at least four years. But like the college, you have no guarantee for work upon completion. Unlike college, however, you have no pride of accomplishment when unemployed.

In college, your writing and reading skills can advance or improve. You learn to speak good and standard English. As a college graduate, you can become a leader of your nation. As a college graduate, you are also respected not only by your family but also by others. People will not take advantage of you because you are educated and you know your rights. Moreover, people will look up to you and would want you to help them. It is a good feeling when you can help because you are educated and in the position to meet their needs.

To conclude, I will say this, the decision of going to college upon your graduation from high school is a better idea compared to trade school. You will never regret it in your life.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Benedict E. Kamboe, pictured above, is a just graduate of Bishop L.J. Barnes Mission School in New Krutown, Monrovia, Liberia. His paper was one of the best short essays written in class and selected in persuasive writing in a course in Introduction to Writing taught at the school. He plans to go to college this year.


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