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IE vs. Barrolle X-mas Day

On tomorrow, Christmas day, Invincible Eleven Football Club will come face to face with Mighty Barrolle at the ATS in Monrovia.

The USA-based Unity Fest is organizing the season’s best of three tournaments, involving the country’s two traditional arch-rivals. The second match is expected on the 29th of December. The last match will take place on New Year’s Day at the same venue in Monrovia.

The idea of bringing the two sides together in the tournament is to renaissance the thrill and enthusiasms the two teams brought to their thousands of fans and sympathizers years back. Besides, Unity Fest will stage a second-to-none awards night at the Monrovia YMCA.

Legends of the Lone Star:  George Weah, James Debbah, Patrick Saah, Pewu Bestman, Mark Gibson, and Kelvin Sebwe among others.  An award in memory of the late Liberian President Samuel K. Doe, known as the “SKD Lifetime Achievement Awards”, will be presented by the Unity Fest.

During tomorrow’s match, IE’s attacking line will be led by Under-23 striker Dweh Allison, supported by  Matthew Dede formerly player of BYC, Momo Blamo, Jr. and Nana Gibson, while  Mighty Barrolle goes into action tomorrow with under-23 keeper Sam Cooper in goal.

Barrolle will be hoping on the legs of Sam Peter, fresh from the Under-23 camp.

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