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Is the CDC-led government potentially unable to enforce law and order as organized killing spree surges across Liberia?

What appears to be an exceptional fear is hovering unsympathetically over the Republic of Liberia, especially Monrovia with several innocent Liberians being murdered in cold blood every night and their bodies physically deposited either at a dumpsite or by a roadside whereas the murderers are never caught. The murderers are rather on the loose murdering more and more innocent Liberians each day across Liberia under the noise of President Weah CDC’s-led government. The organized killing spree is not in President Weah’s political interest and if nothing is done to enforce Law and Order it will undermine President Weah’s chances of re-election in the 2023 presidential election.

It is dreadfully disheartening to see a Ruling Party (CDC) turned its blind eyes on the organized killing of innocent Liberians to the extent that every single Liberian is presently living in perpetual fear thinking whether he/she will be next to be killed. The killing of innocent Liberians under President Weah’s government had never been so alarming as compared to killings under past governments. What surprises most Liberians is while President Weah has remained conspicuously tight-lipped on the organized killing spree which has created a strong tsunami of doubts in the minds of grieving relatives and ordinary Liberians that President Weah validates the ongoing killing of innocent Liberians especially those in Monrovia.

What is perthitic is that thousands of dangerous foreigners and terrible ex-Liberian-rebels are taking advantage of the weakness of the CDC-led government under President Weah due to the tremendous breakdown in Law and Order in the CDC’s government. It appears that under the CDC-led government, anybody can do anything and walks away with impunity or even input dangerous drugs into Liberia across border lines; drug the young Liberian population; trade-in arms; engage in human trafficking, kill any Liberian and extract their parts and walks away majestically across the borders as freed foreigners. Is this the Liberia CDC promised us?

What is even annoying and regrettable according to one angry dependable source in Monrovia, is the fact that out of every ten (10) Liberian Police Officers nine (9) are terrible ex-rebels; out of every ten (10), Liberian soldiers seven (7) are ex-rebel commanders. Out of every ten (10) Immigration officers, five (5) are former rebel commanders. Out of every ten (10), President Weah’s security guard; NSC officers, and Ministry of National Security officers six (6) are ex-rebels who killed innocent Liberians during the brutal 16-years Liberian civil wars with impunity. These very dangerous bad actors according to inside sources are vigorously supporting President Weah to run the day-to-day affairs of the CDC’s-led government.

But the question that arose is President Weah CDC-led government doing everything to make Liberia one of the most dangerous places to live in West Africa next to the notoriously known Lagos-Nigeria where there are four (4) huge legitimate human parts markets operating actively under the noises of the Nigerian government, political stakeholders, top successful business tycoons, and most, if not all Nigerian run Churches.

If President Weah is serious about reinvigorating a much stronger Law and Order nation and protects the lives of innocent Liberians, there must be frequent checks on foreigners trooping into Liberia anytime and anyhow. The TRC must be implemented through executive order to weed out the 16000 ex-rebel fighters; warlords; war financials and other terrible war architects. The death penalty must be revitalized for all convicted murderers, human traffickers, drug dealers, and money launderers.

Additionally, all ex-rebels and rebel commanders employed in the National Police Force; National Immigration Services, NSA Services; the Armed Forces of Liberia, and the Ministry of National Security should be weeded out and replaced with non-rebels who should be trained abroad. Furthermore, the so-called Veteran Affairs that contained terrible ex-rebels and rebel commanders who killed innocent Liberians in the civil wars should be dissolved.

If the government of Liberia is serious to enforce law and order, it should deport Nigerians, Malians, Fulani, Ivorians, Guineans, Berninian, and Sierra Leoneans, and Jamaicans who are engaged in killing innocent Liberians, human trafficking, drug sale, money laundering, ritualistic killing and the sale of human parts should face the death penalty or 85-years behind bars with hard labor. Communities should be empowered to organize supervised watchdog groups with the installation of giant inter-city cameras in the 16-counties to beef off security.

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Liberians at home and abroad will support President Weah for building roads, houses, facilitating electricity, reducing the hard cost of commodities but they will not support him if his CDC-led government is potentially unable to protect the lives of grieving families whose children and loved ones are being brutally murdered every day with impunity.

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