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EPS officer’s death story not connecting

-Police say

There were reports that EPS Agent Melvin Early allegedly killed himself through multiple gunshots, but some members of the public and the deceased’s family rejected the initial government report during former President Weah’s rule.

By Kruah Thompson 

Monrovia, April 17, 2024: The Liberia National Police (LNP), under new leadership, has uncovered conflicting reports surrounding the death of Executive Protective Services (EPS) agent Melvin Earley while on active duty in February 2021.

Mr. Earley died on 19 February 19, 2021, with multiple bullet wounds during a presidential trip to Tappita, Nimba County.

The initial government report under former President George Manneh Weah’s regime suggested that Agent Earley had taken his own life at approximately 6:03 am while on duty.

The family of the deceased rejected the government’s account, and some members of the public questioned the possibility of anyone shooting themselves with a gun more than once.

The family of the deceased disputed this claim, alleging that his wounds were inconsistent with self-inflicted injuries.

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Upon seeing the body, the deceased’s family suggested that Mr. Early was allegedly shot in the abdomen, chest, and head.

Liberia’s new police chief, Col. Gregory Coleman, told a press conference this week that the police are investigating the matter further to validate the details provided in the two conflicting reports.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information in Monrovia, Col. Coleman indicated that his leadership is not jumping to conclusions regarding Mr. Earley’s death.

“While we are not assuming this wasn’t a suicide, we’re investigating further to be able to substantiate what has been reported in the two documents,” he said.

Colmen has disclosed that an ongoing investigation has uncovered conflicting reports surrounding the incident. 

Upon assuming office this year, Col. Colman announced his intention to reopen certain unexplained cases from the previous administration. Those cases include the death of Agent Earley.

The police chief revealed that the officers are actively investigating these cases, as promised, and the findings will be published for public perusal in due time.

Stating the importance of a thorough investigation, Col. Coleman pointed to contradictory information received regarding this case.

He also highlighted ongoing efforts to address crimes across Liberia.

In addition to Earley’s case, the Police Inspector General revealed that they have successfully reduced violent crimes across most parts of the country, and police presence is enhanced nationwide.

He mentioned that they have strategized various ways to empower their structure across the country, collecting necessary intelligence to inform the deployment of new police forces.

“We have been working on policies and procedures, envisioning our rules and regulations to include more gender-sensitive aspects,” he stated.

Col. Coleman detailed that the police have been engaging with international partners behind the scenes and receiving positive responses in collecting data to combat crimes in Liberia and transnational crimes affecting other countries.

“We are collaborating with all other security agencies to enhance and increase security across Liberia,” he explained.

Also, the police chief expressed concern about the occurrence of crimes in Liberia, saying they are reviewing measures to curtail the situation and ensure people’s safety.

These measures include considering what is most feasible beyond announcing structural changes in deploying additional resources.

He mentioned considering implementing curfews for safety purposes due to the alarming crime rate.

On Sunday, he announced the launch of a community policing initiative. The initiative aims to build more trust in the police by reaching out to schools, churches, mosques, and community residents.

Meanwhile, the Police IG assured the public of continued measures to combat crimes and ensure safety.

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One Comment

  1. Thanks for reopening the investigations of the late former EPS Man. However, you may have to reopen the investigation of some other ones, too.
    I am most delighted in suggesting a way forward in curbing crime in the communities. Do these: 1. Have a joint Police-DEA Depot in Major hubs around the Communities in Liberia. This is because, most violent crimes in the community come from the background of drug-using teenager groups who are into substance abuse.
    2. Empower the Community Charmans to have closer collaboration with the police in dealing with violence and potentially violent situations in the communities.

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