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Jimmy Jolocon School Wins Peace Debate

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaJimmy Jolocon High School’s Founder and Proprietor 73-year-old Mr. Emmanuel Doe Weiah along with other staff lifts the trophy after the jubilant students took it to campus last Friday.

The Jimmy Jolocon High School has added another medal to its trophy cabinet after it emerged victorious in a competition organized by the United Nations Mission in Liberia in commemoration of International Peace Day.

Several schools in Montserrado County participated in the program, with Jimmy Jolocon, along with three other schools selected for a peace debate.

“We are very happy for this achievement and recognition from UNMIL; it means we are well on course in preparing our students,”  a rather excited founder and proprietor Emmanuel Doe Weiah said last Friday after lifting the trophy.

Students and administrators of the school broke into jubilation when the winning team returned on campus with the award.

“When our students go out there and participate in these programs, compete with others and come out victorious, it means we are doing something quality here at Jimmy Jolocon” boasted Tony Weiah, the school’s registrar.

The International Day of Peace was celebrated here under the auspices of UNMIL together with the Youth Coalition for Education in Liberia, Messengers for Peace, and students from various schools.

This celebration was held under the theme, “Education for Peace”. A range of activities, including lectures and presentations on Peace and Education preceded the main event on Friday, 20 September at the J.J. Roberts Methodist High School with more than 300 students participating.

Jimmy Jolocon, St. Theresa Convent, J.L. Morris Memorial United Methodist High School and J.J. Roberts Methodist High School locked horn in the presentation on Thursday, September 20.

“We presented on the topic Peace: The Bedrock For Quality Education in Liberia, and we defeated the J.L. Morris Memorial United Methodist High School 42-33 points,” stated Mr. Gbati, coordinator of the Jolocon’s team.

“Every participating school got an award, but Jimmy Jolocon was judged the first place winner, and we are very happy for that. “

“We dedicate the award to the school’s principal because it is his dream that came true. He always wants to see students engage in these kinds of events and he does all to support the initiative morally and financially to encourage the students put in their best”, he added.

Gbati extolled UNMIL for organizing the event and for inviting the school to participate, saying “This helps to build up the skills of our students, and we also want to thank our students and all those who participated in the event for their commitment.” 

Authorities of Jimmy Jolocon said this is just one of the many awards and trophies the school has clinched from several national debates and competitions over the years.

“We are always delighted to take part in these events because they help to expose our students as we prepare them as future leaders.”

Jimmy Jolocon, situated along the Somalia Drive (Gardnersville Supermarket), is one of the best private high schools in the country.

The International Day of Peace was established by the General Assembly in 1981, which later fixed the day in 2001 to be observed every year on 21 September as “a day of global ceasefire and non-violence”.

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