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Joint Security assures peaceful run-off

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The Liberian Joint Security has assured citizens that the country will remain peaceful for the conduct of a free and fair presidential run-off election.

 Mr. Marcus D. Zehyoue, Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) Director General and member of the Joint Security, spoke about security preparations in an exclusive interview with this paper over the weekend.

In the first round of the election in October, Zehyoue said the LDEA worked with other joint security forces to ensure a peaceful and non-violent election was held.

As Liberians prepare for the run-off election, Zehyoue stated that the country will remain peaceful. 

“The ground (Liberia) will remain peaceful for a free and fair election,” Mr. Zehyoue assured Liberians. 

The Joint Security is composed of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Liberia Immigration Service (LIS), LDEA, Liberia National Fire Service (LNFS), and the National Security Agency (NSA), among others.

Mr. Zehyoue disclosed that the LDEA has beefed up its strength and intelligence in combating trafficking and other crimes.

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“During the elections period, the DEA works with the Liberia National Police, Immigration, and the Armed Forces of Liberia and other security forces from the angle of the Joint Security to provide security protection for our people,” he noted. 

“Like we did during the first phase of the elections, we created the enabling environment, and the election was peaceful. We will do the same again,” he noted. 

Explaining the role of the DEA, he said they are a paramilitary force that is independent, and they will ensure that there is peaceful election. 

Zehyoue boasted that the LDEA has the manpower that is trained and technically inclined to ensure that crimes and violence are brought under control. 

“We did several trainings before the election at the Police Academy. Similar training was also done recently to ensure that we provide the enabling environment for peaceful and non-violent elections,” he noted. 

Zehyoue explained that the LDEA is trained to protect lives and properties, noting that his agency has always been vigilant at Liberian-recognized border entry points to ensure that trafficking in person, drugs, and other border security crimes are brought under control. 

 according to Zehyoue, Liberia has a lot of vulnerable borders that traffickers and other criminals take advantage of to enter the system.

He informed Liberians that they have increased their strength to address crimes at the bolder points.

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