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Joint Security warns political parties, others

By Lincoln G. Peters

Ahead of the presidential run-off election, the Joint Security has warned political parties, citizens as well as the media to disengage from acts that have the propensity to cause violence and undermine the country’s peace and democracy.

Addressing a press conference over the weekend at the Liberia National Police headquarters in Monrovia, Justice Minister Cllr. Frank Musa Dean said the Joint Security condemns every and all forms of attempt at creating turmoil, anxiety and violence within the nation during the first phase of the elections by partisans. 

Cllr. Dean noted that the Joint Security fervently cautions against all acts that have the propensity to fan violence and set into motion actions that threaten Liberia’s peace, including the airing of political prejudice that could led to violent reaction. 

The Liberian Justice Minister stated that subsequent to the first round of the elections, there was a steady stream of what he described as baseless, unfounded and alarming stories circulating on social media.

He said they suggested imminent bloodshed and disturbance, inflamed by rumors that there were plans afoot to rig the awaited results. 

“As Liberians proceed to the polls on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, we, as a government, remain steadfast in the maintenance of law and order during these crucial and challenging times in our history,” Cllr. Dean stated. 

Cllr. Dean stated that it was in reaction to political parties, citizens and media institutions who was allegedly in the hobbies of announcing unofficial elections results with declaration. 

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The Attorney General of the Republic of Liberia also urged Liberians using social media to issue threat to desist with immediate effect, while exercising rule based citizen journalism. 

He believes that these vices are undermining the peaceful democratic process of the country, adding that the Joint Security will be very closely monitoring the social media for individuals making threats. 

Minister Dean urged registered voters to go out and vote peacefully, assuring that their security is guaranteed and their votes shall be protected. 

He stated that the Joint Security will always exercise restraint but all unlawful aggression will be met with reasonable and proportionate force. 

“Finally, we urge political parties and individuals to adhere to the following: Refrain from announcing results ahead of the National Elections Commission,” said Cllr. Dean.

He stated that the NEC is the only entity constitutionally authorized to announce election results. 

“Refrain from celebrating until the final official results are declared and announced.”

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