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Kanvee Adams looks to secular music?

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Things appear to be falling apart in the Gospel music arena here, as Liberian Gospel music awards winner and Ambassador-turned politician Kanvee G. Adams now looks to secular music than the gospel trails that have path her way to the international scene over the years.
“If I even decided to go secular, I will be happier; you know why, secular people have more love than you so-called gospel folks; nonsense,” Minister of the Gospel Kanvee Adams wrote on her social media page, but later deleted the post.

Gospel lovers and Christians in and out Liberia were very shocked to see Kanvee, who lives her entire life and benefits hugely from the fruits of gospel music, even rising to the throne of becoming gospel music ambassador, to have posted such harsh comments on the social media, regardless the bad image her comments have sent out to the outside world.

“O, so the new propaganda you’re starting on Kanvee is that I’m signing secular; right? Wait; I will address you. Bloody hypocrites,” Kanvee Adams’ post continues.

Mrs. Adams, who has been very controversy for some time now, just signed a new record label that has got her currently based in Nigeria, has been nominated in the category for Best Female Artist in Africa alone side Nigeria superstars Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alaee, amongst other top African superstars.

This is not the first time the Liberian gospel artist has taken to her social media page in order to get back at colleagues in the gospel sector. Sometime last year, when she was in the process of lunching her album titled “Liberia on Rising”, she took the social media, terming other gospel artists as “haters and jealous group of people” for criticizing her low hair cut and look she introduced for the album video.

But the big question that remains unanswered up till date is, who is fighting Ambassador Kanvee Adams in the gospel sector that is causing the gospel artist that has lots of fans and followers all around the world to belittle the genre that also serves as Gospel Music Ambassador on social media.

Though in the music industry globally, it is a common practice for musicians to switch from secular to gospel or the other way around like in our Liberian music industry, we saw David Mell, who started as a Gospel artist later went secular, while Waste Dem is leaving secular music for gospel.

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