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Kokoya Chiefs Want New MoU for MNG Gold

By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan

Chiefs and Elders in Kokoya Statutory District are demanding a new Memorandum of Understanding between citizens of the district and the management of MNG Gold Liberia for the company’s underground mining activities.

Speaking to newsmen on Saturday, following a meeting with the Chiefs and the Grandmaster in Dolo Town, Boinsen District Senator Prince Moye said the county leadership and MNG Gold have been given a weeklong ultimatum to discuss the matter.

According to Senator Moye, the chiefs and elders have threatened to lead a protest with the grandmasters at the MNG Gold mine, if their plights are not adhered to.

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The citizens and the Chiefs and Elders are angry about the way their resources are being exploited with little or no benefits. 

“We are living here in this community, we have gold all over our land that we should be benefiting from but these people keep “stealing” it from us without a single benefit” Jerry Flomo, one of the Chiefs said.

“They started from the surface and collected everything, they are now doing underground mining and our lives are at risk. They have dug holes all under the town and villages in this community. If the County officials and the President of Liberia do not listen to us, we will put our Grand Masters outside and you know what I mean by that, “he adds.

They want a new agreement with the company for the underground mining and also want the company to adequately deliver on its promises in the surface mining MoU.

Senator Moye has vowed to consult the relevant stakeholders to have a dialogue on the matter in order to avoid the wrath of the grandmasters.

When crafting the new MOU, the senator said they will bring forth those agreements in the old MOU that MNG Gold has failed to accomplish and ensure that they are done; while demanding that the people get their just benefits in the underground mining agreement.


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