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Labor Ministry appeals to ILO to support Labor Congress 

Labor Minister Charles Gibson has called on the International Labor Organization (ILO) to provide support as the Liberia Labor Congress (LLC) holds fresh elections to foster the interest of workers in Liberia. 

Minister Gibson appealed at the 111th annual conference of the ILO in Geneva, Switzerland during the weekend. 

According to a release, Minister Gibson said the Liberian government sees a strong Labor Congress advocating for workers as the surest way to developing and sustaining a vibrant middle class in the country. 

The Labor Boss explained that in December last year, the Supreme Court of Liberia affirmed a circuit court ruling which nullified erstwhile elections.

He added that the case reportedly grew out of the long–standing internal wrangling which factionalized the LLC, thus rendering it largely ineffective.

Mr. Gibson further said the last elections of the LLC were won by the President of the Civil Servants Association of Liberia, headed by Moiba Johnson.  

But the government has always resisted the joining of the public sector workers in the LLC, adding that this seems unacceptable to the rest of the labor unions in the country. 

Meanwhile, the Minister of Labor has outlined several positive interventions that the government continues to make in the interest of workers. 

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Mr. Gibson highlighted the Labor Ministry’s rulings in the ArcelorMittal Liberia, Firestone Rubber Plantation Company, the Golden Veroleum, the Liberia Electricity Corporation, and the Bea Mountain cases.

He concluded that it brought salary increments, increased food, bonuses, and other benefits to workers nationwide.–Press release 

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