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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Liberia Anti Corruption Commission or LACC says it has not conducted an audit of how the Ebola money was spent here but rather it did an assessment of the systems and procedures used in the handling of Ebola resources by government ministries and agencies.

“This exercise is not an audit,” LACC Commissioner for Education, Aba Dolo told the New Dawn Managing Editor via mobile phone and later by emails.

Reacting to a New Dawn Monday January 26, 2015 publication titled: How Ebola Money Was Spent-LACC releases report today”, the Commission’s head for Education, Aba Dolo said “LACC did not conduct an audit of Ebola funds, hence we do not have a report for the public. We assessed the systems and procedures of implementing agencies that received resources to fight Ebola”.

(We) assess systems and procedures for best practices; analyze data and produce findings (and) make recommendations to Ebola implementing where gaps are identified,” Aba Do;o added.

However, a release emanating from the Carter Center Access to Information project on a stakeholder meeting held at the Ministry of Information dated Sunday January 25, and titled: LACC Releases First Report on Use of Ebola Resources-As  MICAT, The Carter Center Hold Stakeholder Talks” said the anti graft commission was to release its preliminary report on its findings as reported by the New Dawn.

The Carter Center release first paragraph: “The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission has announced it will tomorrow (Monday January 26, 2015) release the preliminary report of its assessment of systems and procedures in relation to how government ministries and agencies are managing Ebola funding, supplies and other resources provided by both donor partners and the Government of Liberia.”

The release detailed a power point presentation demonstrated by LACC Dolo and captured statements made by other speakers.

It is yet to be seen where in the world “funding” is totally different from money being given in the form of support. It is also unclear whether the phrase “managing Ebola funding…”does not give the answer to the   how. 

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