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Lookin Inside from Outside


In the school of greatness living without purpose is as good as death. Many people are breathing but not living.  You are not alive until you discover yourself; the reason you were born, the problem you were born to solve, the potentials in you and the creativity in you to impact your world. The greatest discovery or invention any one could ever make is not gold mine, or crude oil exploration but self discovery. Self discovery is the mother of all invention, the basis of all true existence. The secret and foundation of successful living is that any man that ever succeeded first discovered the potential inherent within.

Many people especially Africans always think that you could never be truly successful until you travel to America or any other developed country but this is a false notion. Success in life is not determined by location or color but self discovery and ability to maximize your potential to contribute positively to your world. Of the two billion people on the face of the earth science has proven that no two person is the same, they may look alike but they are different.

This tells me how unique and special God has created you, with unique potential many are yet to discover. The worst thing that could ever happen to any man is not death or imprisonment or whatever you consider a bad experience but dying without discovery of purpose. The grave has been said to be the richest place on earth because many people die without discovering or fulfilling the purpose of God for their lives. There are no geniuses anywhere but only men who have been able to discover the reason they were created and fulfill the cause of positively contributing to their world.

Science has also proven that each of us – white or black – is born with the same number of brain cells. And so whatever you will become depends on what you do with your potentials and abilities. It is not true that there is such a thing as being born without a gift. There is something in you that Liberia and the world needs.   Problems are opportunities in disguise. Problems are the reason there are solutions, and this is the reason Bill Gates is as rich as he is today.

Education is good, but education without action and self discovery can still lead to failure. There is something only you can do in this generation. There is a problem you are born to solve in this nation. Unfortunately, many of us talk about problems, but only a few are dedicated to solving the problems of their society. Know this; money and wealth only come to problem solvers.  No matter how much you wish, money will never grow on trees. Money only answers to men who have the discipline to discover the hidden potential in them, and help other people solve their problems in that direction.

To truly experience self discovery think about these: what is it you like doing the most, that give you pleasure? Music to some people is stress, but to some people it is life and enjoyable pleasure. What is that one thing that you do SO well that other people naturally ask you for help? What do you really want to be known for? What would you love to be remembered for when you die? What is that one thing you can’t do without thinking or dreaming about everyday wishing to be the best in it?

Friend, you are important to the economic growth and success of this nation. No matter where you are today, you can rise up to the greatest height higher than your imagination if only you can begin today by evaluating your potentials and discovering the greatness in you. I believe in you, God believes in you, Liberia believes in you but looking within and discovering yourself is a sign that you truly believe in yourself.

Arise today and make a mark in your generation, be all you were created to be, no matter how long men will come to celebrate your uniqueness, success at that level becomes obvious but success itself cannot be achieved without self discovery. When you finally discover what you were born to be you will experience joy and fulfillment in life. Wealth and riches will be your servant when you have discovered the essence of your being. It’s never too late to make the right decision, today is another opportunity to do the right thing and look within.

See you on the side of greatness.

(Chealy Brown Dennis is a consultant and a much sought after motivational speaker and offers training in organizational leadership, and business development concept and planning, creative sales and marketing, strategic planning and team building. He also offers workbooks, on-location and train-the-trainer formats for leaders, managers, businesses and organizations. He can be contacted through email at: dennisbc2011@yahoo.com or on phone at: 0886-264-611 or 0776545394)

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