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LEC delegation thrown out

LEC ELTEL Network sign contractTuesday, 26 May turned out a bad day for family of the Liberia Electricity Corporation or LEC when its entire senior management team, including two Canadian nationals was thrown out of the Chambers of the House of Representatives.

The rejected officials, including Managing Director Gregory J. Sylvestre, who introduced himself to the Lawmakers as Deputy CEO, had been summoned to explain why power is being rationed to the public.

The decision to ask the team to leave came about when House Speaker Alex Tyler, who presided over the 35th day sitting of the 4th Session asked the LEC Managing Director Gregory J. Sylvestre to introduce members of his delegation.

« Based on a communication that was written by one of our colleagues, the chief clerk was mandated to write the Managing Director of the Liberian Electricity Corporation but this afternoon I am seeing the Managing Director with four others ; before we percess to read the communcation that brought you here, we will want you to please tell us briefly who are these and how they are attached to the Liberian Electricity Corporation », Speaker Tyler inquired from Mr. Sylvestre.

But the LEC boss introduced himself as Deputy Chief Executive Officer and a Canadian nationale as the Chief Executive Officer for the corporation, including another Canadian nationale as Chief Financial Officer of the LEC.

«Honorable Speaker ; honorable members of the House of Representatives, and fellow Liberians present; I’m indeed pleased to appear with the senoir managing team of the Liberia Electricity Corporation. Today appearing is the dupty CEO in person of myself, and appearing with me is the acting CEO of LEC, a Canadian nationale ; Mrs. Brown, who is the legal console of LEC ; also the deputy manager of the Mount Coffee Project and the Chief Financial Officer of the LEC, a Canadian nationale», Mr. Sylvestre proceeded.

But the introduction prompted the Speaker to ask Mr. Sylvestre, which arrangement that created the positions of CEO and Deputy CEO.
Mr. Sylvestre informed Plenary the Government of Liberia in 2010 entered into a Managment Contract for the LEC.

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He detailed that the contract was reached with a Canadian firm known as Manitoba Hydro International Limited with the objective of institutionlazing the untilities company by utilizing the expertise of the Canadian company in building the LEC’s capacity.

However, Speaker Tyler further asked whether explanation by the MD was suggesting that the agreement repelled theAct that created the Liberia Electricity Corporation.

« No sir, LEC doesn’t repel acts ; We were created by an Act of the Legislature ; it’s the legislature that does that; the managing director of LEC is functioning under the Executive. We report to the Execuitve ; we were directed that this is the arrangment we should operate under and that’s what we did. That position as far as we know by the contract, the Government of Liberia signed ; that position has been laid dormant until the contractor arrangement is over in five years », Mr. Sylvestre further explained.

At this interval, Bong County Representative George Mulbah moved that the Canadian company be thrown out, which was endorsed by Plenary, mandating the Chief Clerk of the House to summon the entire Board of the Liberia Electricity Corporation to appear before the body today, Thursday, May 28, to provide full clarity. By Ben P. Wesee – Edited by Jonathan Browne

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