Let Liberia win

Any candidate emerging victorious from the December 26 runoff presidential election should not celebrate in isolation but realize that Liberia is equally winning. Victory at the ballot box should mean victory for Liberia because the Motherland is our common denominator as Liberians. The ultimate desire of Liberians is to have a government that would initiate sound economic policies that will improve their lives.

This will deliver the real meaning of victory. Winning an election in itself soon becomes meaningless unless the people experience improvement in their standard of life. The euphoria that follows electoral victory is short live.

When an elected government succeeds in reconciling rival partisans and the entire country following an election, it sets the wheel in motion for onward march to economic development and prosperity.

With reconciliation and unity much can be achieved for the common good and posterity. The wounds that are inflicted during elections should not be left along to heal by themselves. They would require prompt nursing for quick healing.

Whether it is a victory for VP Boakai or Senator Weah, this will be the immediate challenge for the new government to confront in order to have all hands on deck. Genuine reconciliation would go a long way in seeing this country takes off.

We are sounding these early warnings because it is equally important that whoever losses the runoff election would graciously accept defeat and allow Liberia to continue with peace and progress.

Defeat at the ballot box should not mean the demise of a political party and its leadership. In fact, it provides an opportunity to re-strategize and reconsolidate for future elections.

A political party in opposition is an alternative government, waiting on the mandate of the electorate to take state power. It should never consider itself as losing all and eventually die a nature death.

Liberia needs both opposition and ruling political parties to strength its growing democracy. The political leaders should not let this country and its people down by turning the other way.

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