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Letter to God: Lord, our village da real hustle ground ooh

Dear Father:

I say, if you really want to know whether our village da hustle ground for true, just come around during voting time. Da the time you can see all kina people coming to say they want chop president job-monkey, and all will come and say they want be president.

Can you imagine! Nonsense!

I tell you Father; I wonder what they take our village for? Somer them na even able to pay to put their names in the newspaper them. They come begging like somebody who wife in the hospital needing urgent blood or else the person will die.

But that the people who say they get all the solution them to our village problem. One kitchen sef, somer them na get it here. But they want come be president from motel room-Holy Ghost thunder fire them!.

We na stupid here again oo. Let me tell yor na. Gone are the days where somebody will jump from one room and say they want to be lawmaker or president just to go steal.

I tell you ooh my son.

Yes, Father. Look, just the other day they say the voting house gave paper to 10 more handbag party them-I mean some hungry man them who say they want come to put their hat them in the race-so, so hustlers. Ask if they even get headquarters. You will be surprised somer them operating from people porch.

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Come to think of it Father, I wonder what these people take our village for? Imagine Baboon and all will come and say they want be president.

The plenty one them we get here, we still looking at them-somer them na worked for more than forty years nathin to show for it. The lifestyle they living sef will tell you where they will take our village.

The funny thing is as soon as they come then they start playing Kountry-Congo card. So, who Kountry and Congo na? Because right na in this village, me I na see no Kountry and Congo, everybody da the same. The only difference here is some people travelled and go to school some people stayed in the village all their lives and went to all the schools here.

Hmm, maybe the people who go to school in different Kountry that the Congo people and the people who stayed in the village to go to school are the Kountry people-Nonsense! God go punished your mouth.

You better go look for different thing to say. Da all lor yor forcing people na to change their names and go to dialect school. Bor me, I will na go to no dialect school because yor Kountry-Congo card will na hold me.

You think the only way you can chop president job or Paramount chief job in this village na to divide us, den you lying, because we na stupid here again like our papay them who yor fooled to burn down our village and today we just look like ancient people among our neighbor them-wicked people!

Me, anybody come around me and my family with Kountry-Congo story da hot water I will waste on yor face. Yes, because you na mean well for our village.

Right na, our village should even be thinking how to make people with different skin color citizen na to be passing around with Kountry-Congo song. We na passed da orlor level. So go and change da song. It na fine again. Maybe, it wor fine during my grandfather owner time. But for us today, we don’t need it. We need to look at yor qualification and yor achievements and also what you can bring to the table and how.

No, hustler is allowed here again-period!

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