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‘Liberia at the Red Sea’

-Opposition says

By Lincoln G. Peters  

A Liberian opposition leader has suggested that the country is at the ‘Red Sea,’ citing ritualistic killings, corruption, abuse of power, and illicit drug trafficking under President George Manneh Weah’s rule.

From Biblical history, Israelites safely crossed the Red Sea when Moses stretched his hands and divided the waters, but the water engulfed the Egyptian army who were in pursuit of the Israelites.

In an exclusive video chat with this paper from the United States Thursday, 30 March 2023, All Liberian Destiny Party (ALDP) political leader Mr. Jacob Seyon Kwateh alleged that Liberia is on the verge of collapse under Mr. Weah’s administration.

Under the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) regime, Kwateh claimed that Liberians can’t afford to go back to Egypt.

“The Egyptians of mysterious and ritual killings, corruption, abuse of power, using Liberia as a gateway for illicit drug trafficking, taking advantage of the poor, I can assure you, that [what] we see today, we will see them no more once we all register and vote,’’ he stated.

Kwateh believes that Liberians can’t afford to go back to Egypt by giving President Weah and his government a second presidential term.

“Trust me, deliverance is here. Using the biblical analogy, and as a humble servant of the good Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I hasten to say we are at the Red Sea. We can’t go back to Egypt,” he continued.

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He said by the grace and mercy of God, a new Liberia is coming, and it starts with Liberians registering to vote.

Kwateh called on Liberians to take advantage of the voter registration process, reminding them that their vote is their power.

“If all goes well, the 2023 Voter’s Registration process is the beginning of the change we have yearned for. I understand there are some serious challenges with the ongoing process,” he said.

Kawteh cited a challenge of people being reportedly trucked from one community to another to register.

The ALDP political leader alleged that he is informed that the voter registration process is so slow that people are standing in long lines for hours and yet, are not able to register. He described the voter registration process as confusing.

Despite the challenges, Mr. Kwateh encouraged Liberians to take advantage of the opportunity and partake in the ongoing voter registration exercise.

He stated that elections are the best viable means to alter the course of things in Liberia, saying citizens should do their best to avoid distractions.

“Deliverance is here. Love, unity, and accountability are on the way. Justice will be served. May God bless you all and may He bless Liberia. Much love,’’ he noted.

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