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Liberia celebrates int’l Labor Day

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has by Proclamation declared Sunday, May 1, 2016, as “International Labor Day” to be observed today May 2, 2016, as a Working Holiday throughout Liberia. International Labor Day or May Day reflects the historic struggle of working people throughout the world for social and economic change and to put an end to violence in work places during the 20th century.

According to a Foreign Ministry release, Liberia, as a Member of the International Labor Organization (ILO), will join other countries in commemoration of the day under the international theme: “Celebrating the International Labor Movement” and the national theme: “Advancing Decent Work for shared prosperity.”

The Liberian leader has called on ministries, agencies, labor unions, civil society organizations, students, youths and women groups to join the Ministry of Labor to initiate and execute programs marking the observance of the day.

The Proclamation states that vibrant and decent working conditions are imperative to all Liberians, but women and youth between the ages of 18 and 35 are particularly at risk in the work force and should be supported to curb their impoverishment in order for them to have a new outlook on life by creating a functional vocational training programs to improve their skills and meet the aspiration for respectable jobs.
Since May 1, 1886, labor unions and activists of the world agreed and passed a resolution that eight-hours would constitute a legal working day and to discontinue all forms of unpleasant labor practices in work places.


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