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Liberia celebrates World Red Cross & Red Crescent Day

By: Naneka Hoffman 

The Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRC) celebrates World Red Cross and Crescent Day here under the theme: “Believe in the Power of Kindness.”

Speaking on Monday, May 9, 2022, during program marking the official celebration at the William V.S. Tubman High School in Sinkor, Monrovia, Keynote Speaker and Deputy Director for CDC Liberia, Ms. Theresa Kanter, said the Red Cross and Red Crescent movements have paid tribute to the movement’s visionary founder, Henri Dunant, adding that the day provides the global community a unique opportunity to recognize the achievements of the millions of volunteers who since Durant’s founding of the movement in 1863, have followed in his great footsteps, dedicating themselves to improving lives and bringing reliefs to people around the world. 

Staff and guests at the ceremony

She said every day and virtually everywhere the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement provides a broad range of services to the most vulnerable people. Whether it is responding to a disaster, a health crisis or a conflict situation, Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers and staff are often leading the way, providing life-saving services to people most in need of assistance. 

Madam Kanter further notes that in Liberia, the work of the Red Cross speaks for itself, adding that since its founding in 1919 (more than hundred years now) the LNRCS has built a record of achievements that should make all Liberians proud. 

She stated that it has been in the vanguard of aiding the needy in times of peace, civil war, the Ebola epidemic, and the Covid-19 pandemic. It has helped provide refuge and protection to people fleeing war and persecution from other countries, including most recently, Cote d’Ivoire. It has also been a stalwart supporter of marginalized and stigmatized groups. 

Meanwhile, it is gratifying to note that the Liberia Red Cross has already taken some important steps in that direction.  Since 2017, the LNRCS has put in place a new leadership structure, as well as a new financial management system and set of policies with the goal of ensuring accountable and transparent use of funds entrusted to it.

The Deputy Director of CDC Liberia Theresa Kanter urged Liberians to continue with these efforts, adding that they should be more simply a plan, but stressed the need to work hard to bring all of them to fruition so that Liberia Red Cross can build on its successes and continue to provide timely humanitarian service to vulnerable communities now and well into the future, and that together, they can realize the power of kindness. 

Liberia’s Minister of Internal Affairs Varney Sirleaf, thanks the Liberia National Red Cross Society for the program, and says the Liberia National Red Cross Society and the Ministry are supposed to work together and they are doing so.

Minister Sirleaf says on behalf of the government through the Ministry of Internal Affairs that the cooperation that exists between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Red Cross shall continue forever while recalling that they worked together diligently in response to Ebola. 

In special remarks, the President of the Liberia National Red Cross Society Jerome Clarke said their common mandate is to advocate for the world’s most vulnerable people in whatever they need.

Mr. Clarke lauds the government for recognition thru a proclamation and that they are thrilled for the acknowledgment and look forward to working with everyone in demonstrating kindness towards humanity, saying, “whether big or small, a simple act of kindness breeds kindness.” by Jonathan Browne


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