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Liberia Football Players Union Launched

Despite the absence of Chief and Co-launchers, Dew Tuan-Wreh Mayson and Simeon Freeman respectively, as well as Liberian National Olympic Committee and Ministry of Youth and Sports officials, the Liberian Football Players Union or LIFPU was formally launched yesterday.

The ceremony, which despite it low key brought together several local and international dignitaries, was launched yesterday at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia.

Though, the programme was held at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium or ATS, which houses the Liberia Football Association or LFA, neither the President nor any official of the football house attended the luncheon of LIPU.

According to our observations, the attendance by the more than twenty premiers, first and second division clubs of the LFA, was low. Less than five club presidents and less than fifty active footballers attended the program.

“How could you wail more than the bereaved? Is it possible that an ill person be treated in his absence?,” Said an official of one of the premiership clubs.   This is a clear manifestation that these individuals including the local sports governing bodies do not just care about the existence of any players Union.

In Monrovia, it was reported that the Union would seek the welfare of young Liberian footballers playing both at home and abroad. But some of the players spoken to yesterday say the brains behind the establishment of the LIPU are not in their interest. Because according to them, those who are behind the set-up of the Union want to use them (players) as means of achieving their aims.

Meanwhile, heads of various football clubs including players of premier, first and second clubs are expected to stage a “Peaceful Demonstration” at the offices of the LFA and the LNOC this Wednesday in protest of the establishment of LIFPU.

According to Gabriel Varney, who plays for Young Professionals, they will on June 2, 2010 present a petition to the LNOC and the LFA calling on them to invalidate the existence of such Union.

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