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“Liberia in leadership deficit”

-Dr. Moniba cries out

By Lincoln G. Peters

The standard bearer of Liberia National Union, Dr. Clarence Moniba says, Liberia is currently suffering from extreme leadership deficit because people in power are decimally underperforming in government.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with this paper at the weekend, in Sayon Town, Bushrod Island, Dr. Moniba indicated that every sector of Liberia is currently suffering and experiencing serious leadership deficit, which has spurred poverty, hunger and lack of opportunity in the country.

“If you ask me about leadership deficit in the country, I will answer you a big “Yes.” We have leadership deficit. Liberia is suffering from leadership deficit in almost every single sector of our country. The government right now needs to do better and that is why I am contesting. But, also, each of our individual lives we need to do better at our school, home, church, sporting organization and lot more” Dr. Moniba explained.

Dr. Moniba argued that Liberia will not be fixed if everyone looks at one person to fix and build the country. He said it needs the involvement of all to improve their own lives and communities.

Explaining his vision for Liberia, Dr. Moniba said his reason for running as President of Liberia is to ensure that the over 5.2 million people in the country benefit from the resources of the country.

” Right now, let’s be very honest and fair to ourselves, the resources in this country are not being divided equally. You have a lawmaker and government officials earning over twelve to fifteen thousand United States Dollars monthly. But the common person makes hundred dollars.

And so, the reason I am contesting is to change and bring out a new Liberia in this place where everyone benefits from the resources. Where we will educate our children better. Right now, we are graduating high school students who can barely read and write” Dr. Moniba added.

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He assured that under his administration, he will make sure that every high school student has a skill before they can leave high school and that will start once they enter the senior class.

Dr. Moniba further indicated that Liberia has to make sure that its citizens have opportunities, and in his administration, he will start implementing that by giving technical vocational skills to high school students.

“We have to give people opportunity. You give poor person opportunity; they will be able to sustain themselves and build their lives. And so, that is why I am contesting as president. To make sure that Liberia we have tomorrow, will be a lot better than the country we have today” he concluded.

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