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Liberia records 41fire outbreaks in 2 months

-Says National Fire Service

Liberia records highest fire outbreaks in the last two months.

By Kruah Thompson 

Monrovia, Liberia, April 18, 2024—Monrovia, Liberia—The Liberia National Fire and Rescue Service has revealed that the country experienced a staggering 41 fire incidents from January to February, marking the highest recorded outbreak in recent months.

According to officials from the National Fire Service, the causes of these fire incidents vary, ranging from electrical faults to negligence in handling flammable materials, as well as a lack of proper fire prevention infrastructure and resources to combat such tragedies.

Speaking at a press conference in Monrovia, Colonel G. Warsuwah Barvoul Sr., Director of the Liberia National Fire and Rescue Service, highlighted the breakdown of recent fire outbreaks. Among them, 12 were classified as Class A, involving combustible or turbo fires, while 3 were categorized as Class B, referred to as rapid-able fires, and 26 were classified as electrical fires. Regrettably, these incidents resulted in 11 deaths and 2 injuries.

“Also, in March, there were 11 fire outbreaks, consisting of four Class A fires, one Class B fire, and six electrical fires. These incidents affected fifty individuals, of whom seven were impacted by Class A fires, one by a Class B fire, and three by Class C fires.”

The unprecedented scale of the fire outbreaks has also prompted widespread public concern about the safety of residential and commercial properties. Many Liberians are calling for stricter enforcement of building codes and regulations to prevent future tragedies.

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However, in response to these incidents, the Director announced they will soon launch a fire protection awareness campaign. This initiative will focus on educating the public about housekeeping practices and safe handling of appliances in homes.

According to him, the awareness campaigns will utilize jingles in local languages, community outreach programs, and talk shows. Additionally, stickers will be distributed to ensure that all households in Liberia have a safety box for fire outbreaks.

Meanwhile, in response to the escalating crisis, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and community leaders have rallied together to address the root causes of fire outbreaks and implement proactive measures to mitigate future risks. These efforts include conducting public awareness on fire safety practices and enforcing the purchase of fire extinguishers to vulnerable communities. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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